Sunday, 1 November 2009


Some times I find or I am sent some amazingly sensual, sexy, slutty images and I being a total bitch, faggot, sissy slut love to comment.

I love her had moving so fast on his cock. The cock's colour looks so angry and raw and the cum on her breasts the whole thing is so slutty but sensual and inviting.

I love this the collar and the chain the submission

To be one of these girls to be asleep among them to feel their soft silky bodies moving slowly and sleepily to feel the occasional hard nipple the silky sound of stocking clad thighs the gently breathing of my girl friends chest. Sheer heaven

to be a sub to a real and older sensual women to be blindfolded and tied to feel her strapon press against my faggot hole to feel the leather of the horse to feel her ride me to beg her to.

to have legs the length of towers and to wear black heels with red soles which scream whore. To stand up and bend slightly to pull my thong down, to reach back and pull them off.

to take cock in my mouth to feel the veins and throbbing of a penis.

to be a kitten to be collared and chained to lick my masters cock to purr and please him till he feeds me his cream

to work as a whore to eat cock all day any cock, filthy stinking of piss and to willing open my mouth and allow the cock into my body. Black cocks white cocks any cock. to leave work and not need any feed as I have 50 or more mens cum in my tummy

to be a sexy blonde wife to knee at my husbands feet and suck his manhood while he watches his team play. to be submissive and to dress like a whore for him.

to work as an escort and take part in disgusting acts to be humiliated and shamed to do it all for money

to be the bride and have my brides maids lick me and prepare me for my wedding night

to be gang raped

to act like wild cats and be treated like pets

to have amazing bodies and the most pert breasts possible

to just not care

to have the most sexual mouth ever

to be a slave

to be examined and prodded and poked

to be a pet

to be humiliated

to model underwear

to be a women


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