Thursday, 5 November 2009

Short Story - College Graduation

I was excited it was nearly my turn to enter the grand room and start my final exam. I was a 4th year grad student at the highly respected university.

St Fags. A training ground for the worlds elite sissy, tgirls. Every powerful man in the world had at least one St Fags girl as a secretary or PA.

The girls were trained well, they were the perfect escort, the perfect lover, the perfect assistant but most of all they were trained to help their masters and mistresses relax and continue to develop their wealth.

The head sissy motioned me forward and the great doors swung open I was dressed as all the girls have been for the last 100 years. Hormones had effected my body and I had grown large breasts soft features and curvy body.

All girls had been trained to invert their penis so that there was no chance of the men and women the girls worked for being compromised.

I walked into the room in just my heels stockings and suspender belt. I stood straight and tall my penis tucked back in.

I walked in and was handed a small tray. I stood in front of the judges table and curtseyed.

Other girls were being put through their paces I concentrated on my performance I was told to walk with my tray and present a coffee to a judge.

I stood up and walked with one arm behind my back and the tray extended.

Next I was told to deliver a letter in my mouth

The judge told me to stand still he walked around me and tugged at my hair patted my ass...

he gripped my neck and started to kiss me he tried to unsteady me while I served the other judge.

I was sent to the Mistress with my letter in my mouth she told me to turn around and started to finger my asspussy she snarled at me well girl can you keep your composure as I finger fuck you. I nodded my mouth render useless by the letter.

I wiggled my bottom as her fingers began to spread pleasure through my body. I purred. Well she admonished the little fag loves this does she. I nodded and then almost lost my letter as she pushed her fist into me. I sank back on her hand and purred my inverted penis started to cum which made my false pussy look like it was getting wet.

The mistress laughed and told me I was a whore. She nodded and the judges ticked another test box.

I was told to stand and wait for my next test. As I watched Kathy the blonde girl from my class being put through her paces. He heels and her long legs were stunning she looked amazing.

She was prodded and poked and finally she broke down and was asked to wait outside.

Another mistress walked towards me and checked my hands still with the tray in hand and the letter in my mouth I tried to keep my composure. The Mistress took a glass of gin and fished out an icecube

She slowly walked around behind me and pushed several icecubes into my ass pussy.I wiggled and almost lost the tray but I lifted my head up high and managed to keep my composure.

The next master walked up behind me and started to pinch my nipples he whispered into my ear that I was nothing more than a cum bucket and should be sent away. That I was not good enough to be a St Fags girl.

Finally the ordeal was over and I left the room with my new found position. I could not wait to be assigned a master or perhaps a mistress.

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