Friday, 13 November 2009

Real Girls

Ladies, somedays I am sooo upset with the hand I have been dealt. I so want to be a pretty little thing, A sexy vamp, the cute girl next door or even a plain jane will do on days that I feel bloated and horrid.

I found these images and I wanted to share with you how lucky some girls are:

Adorable and such cute shorts, love her pose, her outfit and you just know she is just ever soooo!

Cute girls on the way home from university

Just so fashion darling

The perfectly pert breasts

Sexy, strong, fashion led OMG she has everything - the cow

So yummy

So glam and elegant

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tabby,
    Just wanted to say I think you're gorgeous and your blog is fabulous!
    (Loved the September post on "Me Continued" and many others). Thank you! Susannah x
    Ps - Keira and Natalie are gorgeous, but I workship at the altar of Kate B.!