Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fetish and honesty

I like many tgirls (ladies don't be shy - share please) love to experiment and test the boundaries of what we feel is ok, what we feel excites us.

I spend far too much time looking at porn sites blushing (I know you do too). Perhaps that is the male part of me. If I was to be truly female perhaps my reasoning, my needs my desires would change and I would not need perhaps that is not correct perhaps need is too strong.

Perhaps because I can never truly express my femm needs I am left half satisfied and half spent.?

I want you all to share your deepest darkest most secret of secret fantasies post anonymously if you wish.

I do not know why but if I was to ever truly be a women I would need to experience this fetish. I have no idea why but I adore the idea of being a female pet.

I want to be humiliated and submissive

collared and controlled made to act like a pet

I would just die if I could be a pet bride.

My husband would have many lovers and I would sit quietly on my blanket in the kitchen and wait his lovers would come into the kitchen their pussy swollen with his love making and wet with his cum and hers and I would lick her clean while she made coffee for them both and I would purr like a cat.

My own basket

I would be trained to be a better pet

perform tricks and please my master


  1. hmmmmm not in an open forum I think e-mail at bte love your blog

  2. I would like to be a pet. I sometimes think being the pet and then serving as nanny and the like for my Master and Mistress would be so cool.

  3. My fantasy is for my girlfriend and I to spend some time in each others' shoes - literally. I'll become the feminine and seductive woman in a long lustrous wig, big full breastforms in a lacy bra, seductive makeup, the sheerest black pantyhose, a gorgeous cocktail dress, sky-high stilettos, and expensive jewelry and perfume. My gf will be the charming and handsome gentleman in a wellcut Italian suit and tie, nice leather shoes, a neat short haircut, and a big dildo strapped beneath his boxers. He'll treat me to the kind of romantic evening that every woman dreams of: a fabulous dinner, drinking wine on the terrace as the sun sets, dancing beneath the twinkling stars. Then we go inside and get cozy by the fire as our hands and lips start to explore each other's body. I let him undress me and fuck my ass with his dildo. Then I unstrap his dildo and we make love all night in every position. After we've each had a couple orgasms, I slip into my finest silk lingerie and fall asleep in his arms.