Thursday, 5 November 2009

Your Fetish and more of mine - blushing

It seems I have touched a little nerve with my readers. Ladies thank you so much for joining in the discussion and sharing your fantasies with me.

Lisa your a total faggot whore and you should be collared - honey your fetish was so sensual and soooo sexy.

The first 6 images are from Lisa. The comments are also hers. Lisa hun tells us all a little more about you are you a T girl / GG etc.

Katie I know you are a tgirl and thank you for your submissions your pictures and fetish comments are so clitty hardening. You are such a faggot honey. I bet your ass pussy is always full.

Eva thank you for your comments and images - yes honey I adore cum too.

Natalie you are such a dirty little bitch you need to be spanked and no I will not post your images or comments I have kept them for a special day. You my girl are a true whore.

David thank you you seem to be the only male to submit his images (well male not using a female name) and you sir can fuck me anytime - I adored your insights and ideas.

Lisa says: I love this image, being tied and spread on a chair in a prone position. She also looks stunning and her clothing is very sexy.

Lisa Says: I love the idea of being a pony girl - one day I will muster the courage and be one.

Lisa Says: Lots of women love this idea I think most women do, but they seem afriad to admit it.

I totally agree Lisa. I really do. Girls if your a genetic girl please let us have your thoughts on this do you secretly long to be a pet, a toy for a man or womens pleasure?

Now T girls I know your answer and therefore do not need you faggots to respond.

Lisa Says: utterly sensual, totally sexy and divine

Lisa Says: How does this feel. I sooo want to know.

Lisa Says: I adore this idea being made to impale myself so sexy.

Katie says: to be collared and chained to my mistresses bed

Katie Says: to clean my mistresses pussy after she has been seen too. To have a dildo pushed into me always

Katie says: to have a butt plug with a tail.

Katie says: to be a slave.

Eva says: to suck cock and be feed with cum and nothing else

Eva says: to suck black men and live on their cum

Darling we all wish this one would happen for real.

Jane says: to be beautiful, to be desired.

Jane honey I know what you mean.

Karen says: to be humiliated and used.

Karen says: to have my female boss use me and abuse me to feel the pain of her large fake cock pushing into my ass.

David says: to be a pony girl

David says: to be glam, to be upper class.

David says: to smell a cock to enjoy the musty maleness

David says: to feel his strong thigh twitch as I suck on his manhood.

Honey your such a whore.

Amita says: to smoke while my collared slave is lapping up her milk.

Amita says: to feel my mans cum running down my lips and dripping into my cum slaves mouth

Amita I love your style hun.

Amita says: to smoke while watching my slave humiliate herself

Amita says: to smoke a large cigar like a man.

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  1. Tabby,
    All of those are great pictures - love them all!