Thursday, 24 March 2011

Honesty, truth and the tgirl way

We are sexual creatures we can not help ourselves we need to be loved, wanted, adored and most of all needed. We have no value of ourselves this is why many tgirls are abused and used and why so many if us fall foul. 

How can you respect someone who has no respect for herself no desire or wish to be anything other than a plaything?

I want this to be me I want to be her offering myself to anyone to a full fat cock admit it whores you all wish your cunny was this cute this perfect this available

We protest and pretend we are not willing but the veneer is soooo thin it is almost transparent we keep our thighs closed but the moment we smell a man or women who is interested in us we part our legs like cheap whores.

We long for female sensations we dream about orgasming like a girl we want to be biting the pillow while our ass is stuffed full

Every single girl in the world wants to experience a huge fat black cock tgirls want it 10 times more. 

they want to imagine the cock is filling them 

what we end up with is sad fat men with tiny cocks 

or wives with more balls than us

or moments or shame in the local park being fucked by desperate men who are so ashamed of their gay needs they fuck tgirls 

We never have stunning guys or amazing threesomes just stinky smelly common sex 

We use our mouths like pussies 

and at any moment let another demean and humiliate us

no we are not cute sexy girls next door 

no your pussy will never feel like hers

But do we care - no we don't we just want to look cute while sucking a cock 

be a sexy slim slave

suck huge black cocks

eat cum

fall in love - feel anothers need and passion for us 

suck more black cock

and carry on being who we are - sexy whores who like to fuck, suck and play. In the end we don't care what you think or what we think and that is our true power. 

I had an interview today....

I had a very nice email sent to me earlier in the week. I will not mention names as I am a little unsure what to do once I have made up my mind I may decide to provide links and names.

Apparently I have a fan in PR - he runs a small and very niche agency from his rather large and spectacular house in North London. He is a gay man and lives in the house with his photographer partner.

He loves my blog the way I write and wants me to help out with his PR company, my role as I understood it would be to be help him out and just make sure he keeps on top of things.
He invited me to his home today and said I was to be there for 11am for a quick, casual interview and if we could agree roles, monies and we both felt comfortable he would ask me to stay and work a month on trial.

I agreed. This is what I wore.

I got there 5 mins early and he let me in I shook his hand and followed him to his office room.
We chatted for a while on the sofa and then he asked me to stand up I did so and without warning unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock it was little and soft.

I stood there for a moment and then gently sank to my knees and took his cock into my mouth - I felt him harden and then he thrusted his cock hard into my mouth I let him use me and then he started to call me names which made him more aggressive.

He squealed and shook and then pulled out of my mouth and came on my face. 

He then put himself away and sat back on the sofa and patted the space next to him - I stood up smoothed my skirt and tried to clean my face he brushed away my hand and said sternly leave it there...

I watched him as his cum slowly dripped from my chin and onto my lap - the white spots of cum stood out against the dark navy of my skirt.

He poured another cup of tea from the teapot and chatted I could not hear him my ears were swamped with the sound of my blood rushing past them....

I just sat there and nodded.... 

Finally I was allowed to wash my face in the loo and returned to him he handed me a letter showed me to the door and told me to let him know by the end of tomorrow...

I sat in my car stunned and read the letter shaking a little...

I had the job at an ok salary and I could start on Monday. 
I am partly intrigued as this may be a real eye opener but I am also very scared...

Not sure what to do apart from post as this seems to calm me...

Thursday, 17 March 2011

A question for you all - does a desire or need define you

I was sitting at home watching tv all night - I have not been out of the flat for almost 3 days I am very down at the mo and find I can not share anything of my thoughts I do not want to speak to anyone and I am running ideas and plans through my head - how am I going to pay for things in the next couple of months why am I not getting any interviews and worst of all I am not sure I want this life style anymore. 

I can only express myself on this blog and I am close to tears I really am tired and I am babbling I am a little drunk I drunk a bottle of wine last night combined with my lack of sleep and utter fear for the future I find myself posting to past the time and to some extent talking to you all because it feels like the only thing I can control at the moment...

I want to be on some hidden tropical island where I can spend the day in a bikini and dressing for dinner meant wearing my lingerie hold ups and evening gloves.

Away from all this grey I want to have my own luxury beach villa and a maid to look after me. 

Several men to make sure I am safe. But most of all real men to fuck me I want them to live like animals naked and kept in pens and I call them when I need servicing I want to be the queen I want everything and everyone to adore me worship me need me....

I want to wear a crown and my maids to use rose petals to scent my boudoir I want to be wealthy, stunning, and a complete bitch 

I would fly around the world shopping 

from my pvt jet to my private limo 

My maids would model the lingerie and clothes I want to buy

I would select a man pet to bring with me so when I needed cock he would service me

I think I might be going a little crazy...

What is your most mad crazy desire be honest be truthful be transparent

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Why do we contradict ourselves

If you asked 1,000 tgirls would they like to be this girl 99% of them would die to be her

She is pretty, slim and most of all a complete women. 
Most Tgirls would love to be in a relationship as a women with another women or man 

We have complex fantasies - we close our eyes and tug at our little sissy clits while imagining our boss fucking us over our desks being a PA or Secretary to a powerful man and then submitting to him we run through the various scenes and imagine what it must be like to be taken in that way - we push dildo's vibrators, butt plugs into our sore little ass pussies and then we cum and like a girl we squeal, blush and then a slight tinge of humiliation as we lick up our own cum. Then we blush and shame sets in and we quickly hide the evidence and fall asleep. 

Our dreams become less sexual and more sensual we have milked ourselves and the immediate need is gone - it returns soon enough we are after all sexual creatures to our shame and humiliation easily controlled by cock or pussy or even more humiliating by the promise of lace and silk. 

We imagine in our slumber that we are the cute sub girlfriend of a stunning women perhaps she is blonde and we are brunette we are cuter and more attractive - well we would be. In our tight skinny jeans cute t top and scrummy tight top or perhaps 

you are more of a traditionalist and your sensual dream finds you as a bride

then the desire returns the need to be milked the need to cum the need to be a sexual creature again not the stunning elegant thing of dreams the ethereal women in you rather the naughty maid or ill tempered school girl 

Why do we try so hard to hide our cocks and move closer to womenhood and then find ourselves drawn to images of dom women in fetish wear with strap-ons why do we celebrate our cocks when we are trying to be rid of them why do we then add them to genetic women in the form of strap ons and imagine them using us. 

Why am I turned on by her?

Why do I wish I was there with them?

Why do I want to be her and be brave enough to show off like her - why is she soo sexual to me

Why do I feel compelled to kneel and suck her cock I soo want too

Why do I envy her cock size I want nothing more than to be rid of mine but I envy her size - is that the shemale in me or the male?

Yes I know it is fake but we do we fake these pictures and imagine stunning beautiful sensual genetic women and shame them with huge fake cocks why?

And why to my utter shame does this turn me on soo much why do I wish she was real and why do I want her sooo much and why do I want her to want me?

not sure of this is a fake or real but I would love to lick her balls is that wrong?

another fake but why does this work sooo well are we just so fixated with the school girl or maid thing that we would simply faint if we saw this in real life?

So cute 

So sexy 

yes they are fake but the idea makes me soo wet.

Why do we try sooo hard to hide our cocks and then try so hard to add them back in?

A little more about what I want

Ok ok I am ashamed to admit it I too have needs and wants.
I want to be ravished needed desired

Made to submit

to make others submit to me 

to look like her - to be soooo tight and slim, pert and beatiful

to be naughty and dress like a kitten

to suckle on milk like a real pet 


To be made into a pony a pet to a master 

To be sold

to be girly pretty and pert

to be a seductress

To submit 

To be stunning

to be innocent

to have the most amazing breasts and nipples

to have legs to die for

to be a bombshell

to have a mans fingers push into me penetrating me using me feeling me moving inside me

to submit and let him take me

to be the cutest thing around 

to have a girlfriend finger me

to truly be a slave

to be an escort smoking a cigarette on the balcony of a city hotel half undressed covered by my long coat feeling his cum seep from my cunt

to be bad

I want to be normal but I also want everything else why... I guess like every other girl I want what I can not have...