Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I am soooo trying to be thin

I am trying everything I can I managed to get my weight right down and now I am binging. I carry these two images in my purse

Just look at her ass it is sooo perfect sooo amazing I want that ass I want to be able to wear shorts like that. The other picture is of a girl with just the most yummy and slim and cute looking body. 

I spend a lot of time on these blogs. 


I am soooo envious of this girl


I am using this app to help with the weight loss 

it takes a while to use but is really good and keeps track of what ever you feel like tracking


Why cant I look like this 

I sooo want to be one of these girls I know I am pretty slim but I need more...

I have not been shopping for clothes for a week now and I am getting sooooo bored...


  1. I love the ass in the first photo the most, yum.

  2. hi babe. me too ! i go for an hours walk each day , eat very sensibly , drink LOTS of water ( burning it off is not the only way ) , and I do a bit of yoga. I want an hourglass figure, with nice tits & ass when the treatment is finished. its a lifestyle choice, and part of being a gurl. xxxxxx wetcumkisses

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