Sunday, 13 March 2011

What does a tgirl do for money

What do I do for money - I am no longer working and I have very expensive tastes - clothes, underwear and party habit. 

Do I become a pet - Let some fat bald ugly man own me, feed me dress me and for this I suck his tiny cock, or do I find a real master a man to own me, someone I can lust after.  

Do I become an escort, pose for tgirl magazines and films?

Do I find a mistress and serve her?

Does she become a famous porn star

or a not so famous one

Tgirls are cursed with the need to buy sooo many panties

the curtest babydolls

The yummiest of stockings and hold ups

She needs to buy her hormones - where is a girl to get all this cash from?

a little update for you all. 
I found a way to make some cash - not much but a little and I am enjoying myself.
I have a very good friend who has a shop in Shoreditch a very trendy and crazy part of London.
She sells some yummy things it is a very well respected up market version of Ann summers. 
I helped a little and had a little fun too. 

I do need a full time job anyone have any ideas?


  1. Very common for us to become sex workers. That is my plan.

    You should explore possible trans friendly community centers though. They may have work. Also, radio/tv/journalism that is trans focused in your area could give you some opportunities as well.

    Finally, if you were to adjust the content you post here to include only things you have copyright to, you could advertise and draw in money here, i think.

    How about phone sex? You can do that or web cam sex work online. You may be successful!

  2. Currently that you've a larger notion of ones circumstances as well as varieties utilized in the internet wonderful nice shemalevideos as well as dating planet people will likely consist of greater understand who you desire. Granted we now have quite a few modifications associated with transgender individuals.