Thursday, 24 March 2011

I had an interview today....

I had a very nice email sent to me earlier in the week. I will not mention names as I am a little unsure what to do once I have made up my mind I may decide to provide links and names.

Apparently I have a fan in PR - he runs a small and very niche agency from his rather large and spectacular house in North London. He is a gay man and lives in the house with his photographer partner.

He loves my blog the way I write and wants me to help out with his PR company, my role as I understood it would be to be help him out and just make sure he keeps on top of things.
He invited me to his home today and said I was to be there for 11am for a quick, casual interview and if we could agree roles, monies and we both felt comfortable he would ask me to stay and work a month on trial.

I agreed. This is what I wore.

I got there 5 mins early and he let me in I shook his hand and followed him to his office room.
We chatted for a while on the sofa and then he asked me to stand up I did so and without warning unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock it was little and soft.

I stood there for a moment and then gently sank to my knees and took his cock into my mouth - I felt him harden and then he thrusted his cock hard into my mouth I let him use me and then he started to call me names which made him more aggressive.

He squealed and shook and then pulled out of my mouth and came on my face. 

He then put himself away and sat back on the sofa and patted the space next to him - I stood up smoothed my skirt and tried to clean my face he brushed away my hand and said sternly leave it there...

I watched him as his cum slowly dripped from my chin and onto my lap - the white spots of cum stood out against the dark navy of my skirt.

He poured another cup of tea from the teapot and chatted I could not hear him my ears were swamped with the sound of my blood rushing past them....

I just sat there and nodded.... 

Finally I was allowed to wash my face in the loo and returned to him he handed me a letter showed me to the door and told me to let him know by the end of tomorrow...

I sat in my car stunned and read the letter shaking a little...

I had the job at an ok salary and I could start on Monday. 
I am partly intrigued as this may be a real eye opener but I am also very scared...

Not sure what to do apart from post as this seems to calm me...


  1. I can't say whether you should take the job or not... but, just reflect on what you'd be saying to yourself 10 years from now if you didn't take the job? And if you need take the job? Whichever situation you can live with best is what you should go with. :)

  2. Is this a job you want? And you already had a preview of the fringe benefits. Its something to think about. Read the contract CAREFULLY. And then consider that this is a month trial.
    Personally if it was me? I would do it. Oh one other thing Tabby, Congratulations!

  3. first, cute and sexy outfit, rawrrr.
    second, this is all a strange situation. you where there so you have to go with your instinct. all i can say is this tale turned me on big time, WOW!!!


  4. Shawna is right - awesome outfit!

    As for the job... you need a job and this one could you be your (our) dream job - be a professional girl and at the same time be the office slut!

    Good luck!

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