Thursday, 24 March 2011

Honesty, truth and the tgirl way

We are sexual creatures we can not help ourselves we need to be loved, wanted, adored and most of all needed. We have no value of ourselves this is why many tgirls are abused and used and why so many if us fall foul. 

How can you respect someone who has no respect for herself no desire or wish to be anything other than a plaything?

I want this to be me I want to be her offering myself to anyone to a full fat cock admit it whores you all wish your cunny was this cute this perfect this available

We protest and pretend we are not willing but the veneer is soooo thin it is almost transparent we keep our thighs closed but the moment we smell a man or women who is interested in us we part our legs like cheap whores.

We long for female sensations we dream about orgasming like a girl we want to be biting the pillow while our ass is stuffed full

Every single girl in the world wants to experience a huge fat black cock tgirls want it 10 times more. 

they want to imagine the cock is filling them 

what we end up with is sad fat men with tiny cocks 

or wives with more balls than us

or moments or shame in the local park being fucked by desperate men who are so ashamed of their gay needs they fuck tgirls 

We never have stunning guys or amazing threesomes just stinky smelly common sex 

We use our mouths like pussies 

and at any moment let another demean and humiliate us

no we are not cute sexy girls next door 

no your pussy will never feel like hers

But do we care - no we don't we just want to look cute while sucking a cock 

be a sexy slim slave

suck huge black cocks

eat cum

fall in love - feel anothers need and passion for us 

suck more black cock

and carry on being who we are - sexy whores who like to fuck, suck and play. In the end we don't care what you think or what we think and that is our true power. 


  1. I'm happy for you in your convictions. Myself, I've found my identity as a woman but I wouldn't take away what you have found for yourself. It's all good when you bring happiness to your man!


  2. I admire your intelligent and beautiful blog!

  3. Amazing...almost shockingly honest and i'm sure you speak for SO many of us!

  4. this is a community of magical, horny and confused creatures. I can't completely identify with all these feelings, I'm more of a fetish crossdresser for kinky kicks, I don't want to be fully femme 24/7/365. I can empathize with your thoughts though and admire the bravery to face these feelings and try to express them. We're all trying to fathom our otherness, the strength of these feelings and strange thoughts, and just why am I so damn horny all the damn lols!!!

    kisses ~s~

  5. I started reading this and waited to say that not every CD/Tgirl is a slut. Some of us really enjoy romance, passion, seduction. But as I looked at pic after erotic pic, my clitty is bursting out of my panties and I want nothing more than to suck and fuck some beautiful cocks - doing both at the same time would be perfection!

  6. Elise, I'd agree that some of us do enjoy romance, passion and seduction. But it's hard to find any of us who wouldn't drop our panties in a heartbeat for any of the studs in those pictures.

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