Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A little more about what I want

Ok ok I am ashamed to admit it I too have needs and wants.
I want to be ravished needed desired

Made to submit

to make others submit to me 

to look like her - to be soooo tight and slim, pert and beatiful

to be naughty and dress like a kitten

to suckle on milk like a real pet 


To be made into a pony a pet to a master 

To be sold

to be girly pretty and pert

to be a seductress

To submit 

To be stunning

to be innocent

to have the most amazing breasts and nipples

to have legs to die for

to be a bombshell

to have a mans fingers push into me penetrating me using me feeling me moving inside me

to submit and let him take me

to be the cutest thing around 

to have a girlfriend finger me

to truly be a slave

to be an escort smoking a cigarette on the balcony of a city hotel half undressed covered by my long coat feeling his cum seep from my cunt

to be bad

I want to be normal but I also want everything else why... I guess like every other girl I want what I can not have...


  1. we can be bad together. burying our noses in a mountain on a mirror seeing our own shame

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