Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Can a tgirl ever really be in a relationship

Not a girl or a boy somewhere in the middle....

That is a polite way of expressing who we are - faggots, sissies shemales are others. Is there a space for us in society?

Yes there is.

However do we and by we I mean Tgirls want that space?

As far as I can see the space we inhabit is purely sexual and I am as much too blame for this as every other tgirl. Perhaps we are our own worst enemies perhaps we simply have no right to exist outside of the sexual arena.

You think I am mad, or upset due to not working perhaps I am depressed and yes I am most definitely upset about work. But let me explain:

Lets take a look at our population and the various facets of our group:

1. Ugly non convincing cross dressers - a purely sexual fetish / perhaps ashamed of their gay thoughts and as a female being sucked by a man is ok

2. Convincing cross dressers - again purely sexual fetish / perhaps ashamed of their gay thoughts and as a female being sucked by a man is ok

3. Part time tgirl - I know several convincing girls that have hidden who they are and live as men during the day ok the are very femm men but in secret they transform into their female alter egos.
Some escort to help fund their dual lives others sleep around searching for acceptance love companionship they can never find as men

4. Full time Tgirls I know this group well. I kind of belong to this group. This is perhaps the most interesting and the most effected group - We have the chance to fulfil our dreams - to become real
women or as close as possible many of us are stunning, convincing and femm.

Something that has always made me wonder is why as a full time tgirl do we not hide the something extra between our legs - do we believe it is better to let the world know? I know I get very embarrassed / humiliated when someone points me out on the street it's rare but it does happen - so explain to me why some tgirls are getting their cocks out?

I suggested some time ago that perhaps society had got used to the idea of a third sex? Perhaps this has been given some reality by the explosion of shemale sites and escorts.

This is one girl who is confused and slightly unsure where she is going.

What I really need is to be needed and to need back


  1. You make a good point. I guess I was a lucky girl from the get go. I have a very strong relationship that has stood the test of time. I never really gave it any thought that others are worse off. I don't really know what I could possibly do for them on a personal level. Food for thought.