Sunday, 13 March 2011

What I really really want - honest I really do!

I adore women who dress well and I find heels, dresses, lingerie and jewellery - sexual and sensual. Not all of it it has to be the best, why I really don't know but I have expensive tastes. But then what girl doesn't?

I dream about being dressed everso elegantly my underwear the softest silk from italy and my dress the most cutting edge dress from prada or channel 

I have imagined myself as a sexy PA or secretary dressed to please. Perfect under ware matching and expensive. Each day I would be dressed in the most sensual and sexy lingerie teasing the men and making every women jealous 


I want to walk through the typing hall into the inner sanctum where only the best looking girls work take off my trench coat 


place my hand bag down, remove my leather gloves and make the first pot of coffee for my boss. 


I would ask him every day if he liked my outfit and I would adjust it the next day if he was not pleased. 
I would always sit on my desk with my legs crossed impossibly tightly show everyone how slim I was and that the only thing between my legs was a hot wet pussy. 


I would make sure I was a cross between being a bimbo and a sultry glam girl from the 50's.


I would have such an expensive taste in clothing that I would use men to buy me gifts. I would be sexually available and enjoy the variety of men fucking me. I would suck any man off, I would enjoy being a complete slut. 

I would let my boss fuck me with a dildo till I cried out in pain and pleasure

I would spend my weekends in hotel rooms being fucked by men who have wives and are on business trips. I would dress like a complete whore for them. I would make it clear that they needed to bring the most luxuriant underwear and sleepwear with them as I always travel light.


I would insist on the most expensive underwear and keep it if I liked it or leave it with him if I did not

I would arrive in my weekend clothes always cutting edge and casual and as I changed my attire I would transform into the whore they want me to be. 


I would have no shame and allow myself to be used and display myself to men as an object of lust.


Some days my mind flows a little less wantonly and I dream of becoming some cute young thing. Perhaps a wealthy senators daughter something from old money - the kind of family that thinks it is too good for new money. I would be going to College and summer in Paris and winter in Vermont. 

I would be well dressed, well spoken and polite in company - but my family would have to hide my secret life of drink and drugs and cock - My dad would shout at me about the amount of sex and fucks I had he would shout and I would cry and my mum would try to calm everyone down and then I would go out and get fucked by the basket ball team.

I would explore the possibilities and at spring break I would go on holiday with my girlfriends.
We would go horse riding, swimming and partying all night long. 


We would look amazing on the beach and the guys would all try to hit on us. We would tease the guys by kissing each other and sun bathing topless. 

the girls would all be well bred and total whores and we would wear the tightest of jodhpurs so the stable hands would want to fuck us.


We would tease each other and explore our bi tendencies 



We would party all night and I would meet a group of guys from a fraternity and they invite me to their private beach party the next day. 

I would meet with the guys and wear next to nothing and as they chatted and and the night fell I would strip and tease them until they all fucked me and I would walk back along the beach to my luxury holiday villa with the cum of 10 guys slowly dripping from the inside of my thighs.


Some days reality would intervene and I would stop thinking of being a whore or slut and simply want to be someone sexy, successful and intelligent. Some one like Rose Thomas. She is a new media queen and works in London for the coolest agencies and is too die for - I soooo want to be her and soooo dream about having her life. 

I guess the traditional girl in me kicks in and I want to be a bride, maid or something tgirl-ish. 


I so want to be a bride so sensual - it is all about the underwear on the day and then on the wedding night and the dress ooooh my the dress oh I get sooo excited I start to blush...


I am convinced the best wedding planners are convincing tgirls. Giggle perhaps that is my career. 

Very much like brides maids are all about the uniform and how they behave - Brides are demure cats and maids are submissive kittens


My fetish's would kick in my need to be submissive and my need to please and dress - over the last 2 years I have had many Masters and many Mistresses 

Some have been kind others have taught me how to truly submit. Both have taken me to places and given me experiences that are amazing. I would strongly recommend all 20+ women until they are 30 to submit to an older dom man or women. 

I have suckled on many powerful women's pussies and have been made to take their strapons - I find most female doms are sexual where most male doms prefer to humiliate their pets 


Dress them up


turn them into pets. I adored this but I need more I want to...explore and control, be used and use...
My thought recently have been very mixed very strange...

I imagine myself as a mistress 

or a well todo lady who lunches 

I have fallen in love with horse ridding - I do not do it as much as I like it is expensive and far too travel but I do soo much adore it and the clothing...

I do wish this was me

I want stables - I want to be fucked by a man a real man strong hairy powerful musty in the stables while all the horses look at me I want to be powerful women but to be over powered by a man - I would be dressed to ride all the time


I would take advantage of the guys that worked my stables and enjoy the fact they all whispered behind my back I was a slut.

They would fuck me and while their cum was still in my pussy I would dress and tell them to leave. 

Then I would dream of being fucked like an animal - humiliated and abused...
Watched by others fearing for me wanting to be me...

Some days it really is simple I want to be beautiful - perfect 

The simplicity gives way and again I am a wanton whore dressed in the skimpiest lingerie and waiting for a man looking over my shoulder at his raging cock waiting for it to penetrate me

But what I want is to be a normal girl. Yes I would still be the slut the fashion girl the beauty the tease and the over sensitive bitch but normal -

I would streak and be as naughty as possible but I would be normal

I would still wear the most enticing underwear but I would be normal

I would still tease the guys but I would be normal


I would post pics of myself and tease the world just like all those stunning girls 

I WOULD LOOK AMAZING but be normal


and yes I would suck cock and be such a whore but I would be normal

What I really want is to be normal....


  1. sorry darling not finished it is now

  2. WOW! What a marathon post. Your best yet. Especially love the bridal photos. Where you found the photo of the woman bent over the table, i dont know (that wasn't you was it?!!!!)

    I love your blog and will be adding it to my new list. Thank you!!!!!

    Of Caitlins Diaries

  3. blush thank you soo much - perhaps the girl was me perhaps not giggle

  4. Wow!!! Amazing post.
    Thank you.

  5. Your words are so moving Tabby. . . I look forward to your posts and check your blog daily. Such time and effort went into this one. A real treasure! Thank you so much! Ariannami

  6. blushing - girls pls more giggle

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