Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Why do we contradict ourselves

If you asked 1,000 tgirls would they like to be this girl 99% of them would die to be her

She is pretty, slim and most of all a complete women. 
Most Tgirls would love to be in a relationship as a women with another women or man 

We have complex fantasies - we close our eyes and tug at our little sissy clits while imagining our boss fucking us over our desks being a PA or Secretary to a powerful man and then submitting to him we run through the various scenes and imagine what it must be like to be taken in that way - we push dildo's vibrators, butt plugs into our sore little ass pussies and then we cum and like a girl we squeal, blush and then a slight tinge of humiliation as we lick up our own cum. Then we blush and shame sets in and we quickly hide the evidence and fall asleep. 

Our dreams become less sexual and more sensual we have milked ourselves and the immediate need is gone - it returns soon enough we are after all sexual creatures to our shame and humiliation easily controlled by cock or pussy or even more humiliating by the promise of lace and silk. 

We imagine in our slumber that we are the cute sub girlfriend of a stunning women perhaps she is blonde and we are brunette we are cuter and more attractive - well we would be. In our tight skinny jeans cute t top and scrummy tight top or perhaps 

you are more of a traditionalist and your sensual dream finds you as a bride

then the desire returns the need to be milked the need to cum the need to be a sexual creature again not the stunning elegant thing of dreams the ethereal women in you rather the naughty maid or ill tempered school girl 

Why do we try so hard to hide our cocks and move closer to womenhood and then find ourselves drawn to images of dom women in fetish wear with strap-ons why do we celebrate our cocks when we are trying to be rid of them why do we then add them to genetic women in the form of strap ons and imagine them using us. 

Why am I turned on by her?

Why do I wish I was there with them?

Why do I want to be her and be brave enough to show off like her - why is she soo sexual to me

Why do I feel compelled to kneel and suck her cock I soo want too

Why do I envy her cock size I want nothing more than to be rid of mine but I envy her size - is that the shemale in me or the male?

Yes I know it is fake but we do we fake these pictures and imagine stunning beautiful sensual genetic women and shame them with huge fake cocks why?

And why to my utter shame does this turn me on soo much why do I wish she was real and why do I want her sooo much and why do I want her to want me?

not sure of this is a fake or real but I would love to lick her balls is that wrong?

another fake but why does this work sooo well are we just so fixated with the school girl or maid thing that we would simply faint if we saw this in real life?

So cute 

So sexy 

yes they are fake but the idea makes me soo wet.

Why do we try sooo hard to hide our cocks and then try so hard to add them back in?


  1. Yes Tabby. I feel the same. If I could, I would be there to hold you and tell you everything is going to be all right. Your insight is so wonderful and you are providing such a good dialog for all of us in the world. Thank you so much! Ariannami

  2. I'm so lucky to be so tiny and hormones starting Wednesday will make me limp and lovely!

  3. Tabby,

    I've been reading your blog for a while now—your posts, the words, the images always seem to say exactly what I am thinking, feeling. You are a remarkably insightful, fun, kinky, and sexy person! Hang in there—feel the giant warm hug all of us are sending your way—wrapping you up in our collective arms and holding you tight.

    You are a wonderful, special person.

    On the skinny front...don't hurt yourself.

    On the cock girls front...exactly. Weird, isn't it? Confusion and emotional/sexual chaos reigns supreme.

    Big squeeze/hug!


  4. O couldn't have said it better Tabby! it's been a long time but when i returned i found your lovely posts just as insightful and thrilling as ever!!

  5. Fabulous glad i've found your blog hun.

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