Monday, 30 January 2012

A little update

Where have you been?
Tabby what is wrong?
Babe are you ok?
Sweetheart what is going on?
Where are you?
Has something happend?

Thank you all for your support and concerns.

In answer to all my darling friends, fans and concerned parties...

I have been no-where
Everything is wrong
No I am not ok
I have upset a few people and have really lost my way
At home hiding
Yes something awful

I really come close to never posting again. I upset someone I truly admire. She rightly will never speak to me again even though I have offered her everything short of begging in Twitter to try to make things right. I realised that I will forever be on the outskirts of society. Caught between my desperate need to be female and my more base and humiliating shameful desires.

My curse really is simple I can pass as a women perhaps not under close scrutiny but in passing you would not look twice at a plain skinny slightly taller than average women. This means two things I don't hide in the closet like many of my kind - fat, hairy TV's desperately wanking off in their wives panties.

No I was lucky I felt my need to dress early and was born with a very femm look.

The picture below was taken late on in my teens and as you can see even in 'boy form' I am not exactly macho.