Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Short Story - Helpful Steve

Steve's wife was annoyed she shouted at Steve.

Steve I have had the builders on the phone again complaining that you are being too helpful and getting in their way. 

Steve sat on the sofa his small frame hunched up and looking a little lost. 

His wife took pity and sat next to him on the sofa playing with his long hair darling she said softly your not really a man are you you know that your very femm and that you will never make a builder. 

Steve was upset he desperately wanted to be a builder or at least accepted as one. HE started to cry and his wife said look I have an idea but it might be a little extreme. 

Steve eyes widened and he looked at his wife with anticipation. 

Hun we can make you a beautiful girl and the builders will accept you are a girl and that your ability to help is not great. Imagine your a below average builder and handy man as a guy but as a girl you will be amazing. And  the builders will never know.

Steve thought for a moment and then agreed. 

They both woke early in the morning and got Steve ready. Steve stood infront of the mirror he looked amazing he jumped with glee and squealed his excitement. 

His wife said what name shall we give you. 

The both giggled and said Stephanie at the same time. 

Steve's wife left the house as the builders were coming in and getting ready for their days work. She walked towards the builders and told them that Steve was away for the next month and that Steve's sister was staying to help out. 

Steve's wife called out Steph oh hun stephy dear please come out and meet the guys. 
Steve stepped out of the house and strutted towards the builders he looked stunning, amazing, the builders watch the foxy women walk towards them and introduced themselves. 

The day went smoothly and Steph made teas and bacon butties and generally was very lady like. She was getting a little annoyed at not helping and approached Mark the lead builder. 

She asked if she could help - Mark ever the ladies man smiled and said yes. Steph giggled with glee as she passed length after length of wood to Mark. 

Mark turned to Steph and said your a great help. Much better than your brother. Steph's heart skipped a beat and she smiled wow she thought I am being accepted. 

Mark took Steph's reaction as a come on sign. He builder did not have to be told twice.
Steph was shocked at the speed of Marks attentions and the intense feelings she was experiencing She shivered as he unbuttoned her top. As his hand brushed her breasts forms 

(his wife had stuck them on she had several pairs as she was quite flat chested and these were her best pair they had little wires connecting Steve's real nipples to the breast form nipples and would pass on any sensations) 

Steph gave herself away by purring - Mark now knew he had a home run all he had to do was bring it home. 

Steve's head was spinning the sensations were amazing so strong and the hulk of man his smell his body everything about him was sooo intoxicating.

Oh my Steph squealed as Mar nibbled her nipples and Mark gently pushed Stephs hands towards his cock 

Without realizing it his hands were trying to gain access to Marks cock 

Mark was now naked and Steph dropped to her knees and started to suck on the mans cock she breathed in deeply thrilling in his manly scent 

Mark laughed long and loud 

Steph looked up hurt thinking that her cover was blown her eyes asked the question and Mark saw he had upset the girl and said no hun your amazing I am laughing at your builders crack 

Steph felt around her back and realized her jeans were very low and her pert bottom was on display. 

Mark forced his cock back into the girls mouth and said now you are a real builder 

Mark pushed Steve onto a chair and started to ram his cock into Steve's mouth. Steve was getting soo hot and horny he started to play with his cock while sucking on another he loved the way Marks balls slapped him on the cheek and chin as Mark pounded his mouth and he loved the way he breasts pulled at his chest as they bounced in response to the face fucking he was getting. 

Steve or Steph was in seventh heaven and continued to suck on Marks cock licking the pre cum up and purring the builders had all left and only Mark and Steve remained. 

Steve was ready to take the builders cock deep into his mouth and throat and was ready to take the mans load when he heard footsteps.

He looked up and his wife was standing at the doorway while he had a mouthful of cock. His wife's mouth opened to say something just as she did Mark shot his first load into the cute Stephs mouth and his wife smiled....

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Short Stories

Hi everyone

Please let me know what you think of my short stories do they work?

Also lots of you have asked who took my most recent photos. Its a friend of mine he 
is very discreet and works for a number of ad agencies his partner is a Tgirl and he
loves taking pictures of women. If you are interested in his details just ask and 
I will pass them on. 

fabulous stunning sexy

Wolfords Stunning new Winter range is out these are some of the highlights

Monday, 20 July 2009

Short Story - An undercover story

Steve was a great police officer. He had an amazing arrest record and was the best undercover officer in London. 

His specialty was the most dangerous assignments he could impersonate women and therefore had infiltrated several gangs and managed to arrest several of their key members. His ability to switch between Male and Female dress confused the gang members.

It was a cold Tuesday afternoon and Steph called out to Gus as she waited in the carpark Gus Arrived and hugged his girl. Gus introduced his friend and they left Steph to goto the local shops and pick up their protection money.

Steph quickly called her contact and passed on the name of Gus's friend.

Later they all arrived at Gus's hide out. Steph made her excuses and tried to leave but Gus said what's the hurry.

The guys pulled at Steph's top revealing the most amazing looking breasts forms. Steph thanked her lucky stars the cosmetic dept at the station was so good. 

Gus pushed the girl down onto her knees and Gus Said if you are a girl you will suck us off. Steph wondered what he meant did he know something. So he did as he was told and carried on the role playing. 

Soon he had two fat cocks in his mouth. Gus laughed and pushed the girl on the floor. We know who you are pig. and with that pushed their cocks into the girls face.

Gus's friend called for backup and the room filled up with angry looking men with knives and guns. Steve knew this was it. So he begged and pleaded let me live and I will be your bitch please.

The gang laughed and Gus stepped forward lets turn this bitch pig he snarled and forced his cock into Steve's ass - steve screamed. 

His mouth was soon invaded with a cock and they continued to pound into him 

Cock after cock cum after cum he just managed a deep breath before another cock forced itself into his mouth and throat. 

The mental anguish Steve suffered finally made him snap. He really does think he is Steph and the gang use him regularly 

Short Story - Helping My Sister

My sister always mixed with the wrong sort of person she always got into trouble and this time it was serious a local loan shark had been chasing her for the money she owed him. We pulled up in my sisters car and we both got out. 

Let me explain I am her brother and she knew I was bi and loved dressing she also knew the loan shark loved white sissy boys. She told me we were going to a pool party and it was fancy dress so I got excited and decided to dress. 

I asked my sister what we were doing her she walked over to this huge man and explained to him who I was his face turned from a scowl to being wide eyed surprised and without looking at me pointed at me and said to my sister how long have I got him. 

My sister said until I have paid you off. She then got into her car and drove off.

The huge man turned to me and said well girl looks like your mine - I looked at my sisters car at it tore away and she waved and shouted good luck sis....

We got into his car and he kept talking and telling me how much he always wanted a sissy white boy PA we arrived at his office and I was put to work at every opportunity he laughed at me and fondled me. I would complain and then he would threaten me and my sister. The other guys would laugh at me and the black women would hiss at me for taking one of their top men. 

I realised that my ordeal would end quickly if I gave him what he wanted. So I turned and brushed up against my capture and stroked his impossibly large cock in his trousers I felt it twitch and to my shame so did my little sissy cockette. I looked over my shoulder and the guys had gathered around watching us an the women had started to make rude gestures and remarks. 

I feel to my knees and started to unzip the man mountain in front of me. I quickly turned my head as I felt someone had spat at me I regretted my reaction as the women closest who had obviously spat at me sneered and asked me to do something about it I started to sob and turned back to my master. 

The crowd laughed.

1000's of thoughts ran through my head why did I dress up why was my sister doing this to me why was I getting so red and blushed and why was my sissy clit getting so hard. My sister had teased me and had let me wear her sexiest underwear and shoes and now I know why. 

The giants cock sprung free and my eyes widen. Without being aware of it I licked my lips and all the guys whooped and hollered the bitch likes it the all chimed in. 

My mouth dropped open in anticipation my mouth was so dry and I could smell his malness it was overpowering, intoxicating. 

I licked his length and then he pulled me to my feet. I could not let go of his cock I held it like a security blanket like I needed it. He undressed me and complimented me on my breasts forms.

I smiled and giggled and the crowd looked on some guys had their cocks out some of the women were sucking them my master slowly and powerfully undressed me and turned me around and made me lean over his table he spat on my hole and pushed into me with out a word and then he pounded me I squealed and passed out only to wake a few seconds later to his pounding I squealed and then he asked me if I was his.

I almost screamed in pleasure that I was his white fuck toy and he could do anything with me he wanted - he made me promise that I would trap my bitch sister into being his whore also otherwise he would take his cock out and never let me have it again.

he cock sent spasms through me and I came again as his monstrous pole smashed into my tiny prostrate.

He grunted and then gave me one mighty thrust and filled my bowels with his cum. He pulled out and grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me to clean him then still holding onto my hair forced my face down onto the small pool of my cum and made me lick it off his desk. 

He throw my clothes at me and I hurried to the loo all his entourage laughing at me as I wiggled away to wipe the cum sliding out of my now gaping wide hole. 

I returned to my master clean and presentable and he told me to sit at the end of his desk and wait I did so while sat there I did my nails and sighed in total fulfilled bliss.

yummy cocks

For those of you like me who like a little bit of cock blush and are bi in nature I present you these stunning guys.

He is obviously in pain from thinking too much. I would help him relax giggle. 
I adore his body really sexy and all those hard lumps and bumps would be bliss to lick.

Jane's email and shocking result.

I have been told (thank you Jane) that I spent far too much time imagining whom and what I want to be and I have recently been sent an email from a Lady whom tells me it is ok to use her first name. Please do note this is her opinion not mine. 

Jane (who's partner is a cross dresser and has been lucky enough to find a sympathetic partner in Jane).

I was so taken aback by Jane's email (she must have felt I would be upset as she included her mobile number) I called her and we chatted for about an hour. Yes she is sensible and yes she does believe her statement to be true. I think this may cause some infighting and I am unsure what to do but Jane put a very well thought out case to me. I argued that she was basing her assumptions on a poll of 1 person. To her credit she agreed this was the case but still felt that she was right.

Jane's asked me to read the email in order and not to skip it so I followed her instructions and I ask you to do the same. 

She attached these images and I have done the same.

She asked me to look at each image and then make a note of the first 3 things that come into my head.

(I have copied the exercise and I am sharing my responses) 

1. Wish i was her
2. Wish I could fuck her or be fucked as her 
3. She is so pretty.

1. I adore her pert breasts I wish mine were like hers
2. She is so cute
3. I love her shaved pussy

1. Adore the hair in front of the face look 
2. Love the knees pressed together so cute
3. Underwear looks like silk - yummy

She took me through her quiz and said simply there you go to which I was a little shocked her premise is that we (Trans community all of us specific to Male to Female at what ever stage and very much less so the Female to Male) are vain and only interested in good looking people and impossible ideals. 

She continued to tell me that she felt that women would be better off not staying with their Trans partner unless he actually transitioned she continue to say that guys that spend their time reading fantasy stories very much like her partner were oblivious to the long term harm they were causing their own happiness and generally well being. 

She also expressed how sympathetic she was and expressed that it was not our fault but somewhere out heads had been wired wrongly.

Lastly she pointed out that my responses were the worst she had seen for a long time. When I asked her why she said that normally by the 3rd image most guys / girls were wondering who she was where I had gone through all the images (7 in total) expressing a very surface based view. 

I tried to express to her that this was my particular fetish and she responded that I was deluding myself> I asked her to explain and she really caught me of guard - I know I am passable and I spend too much time making sure I do not gain any weight etc But she asked me if I would date a fat girl / guy / t girl and to be honest I had to say no. She then asked me if I was really the Tgirl in my blog and not some fat middle aged man - I told her it was me and she then asked why do you not post general shots of your self. 

I replied that the pro shots made me look better. She then asked me a question which has totally thrown me she asked me to check my email and I did she had sent me these 2 images. 

She then said you profess to wanting to be a women well if I could make you a women tomorrow which of these two images would you want to be

I replied the skinny girl she said ok now if you could only be the fat older women would you change?

I must admit it took me a long time to say yes - and when I did I said to her but when I do finally go the whole hog I will be better looking than her...

Jane I am better looking than her already. 

Yes was her reply but you are not a women. I was a little dumb struck and sat there in silence all you want to do not just you Tabby but all you transgenders is have sex as sexy women. 

Well I am a little shocked and still unsure what to say - what do you all feel. 

Short Story - Walking my dog

I loved walking my two little dogs en femm I would spend hours getting dressed and walking the little dogs. Today was just another day the sun was shining so I decided to attach my best breast forms the ones with the erect nipples and put on my best cut shorts and take the two dogs for a walk.

The dogs were called Mitzy and Bitzy and I adored them. As we walked Mitzy ran off and I called and called 

I bent over to hold Bitzy still and carried on calling Mitzy 

From nowhere a guy walked towards me holding my little Mitzy - I blushed and put on my most femm voice and really began to overdo the girly attitude.

Oh thank you I blushed and with tears in my eyes I really played the damsel in distress - I thanked him and promised him anything he wanted. He just smiled. 

I expected him to act like my Knight in Shining armor but in stead he just carried on smiling I just could not stop myself and I carried on making a fool of myself. 

He then stopped smiling and he soon started to a snarl - I backed away but he picked up the dogs and threatened them. The park was always empty at this time and I would always walk along the least busiest path as I hid my dressing. 

He pushed the dogs into the tree and tied their leads so they would not fall and or escape. 
He then turned to me and told me to suck him

I blushed and nodded and pulled his cock from his gang trousers I soon realized he was a gang member and not a decent guy. 

He demanded to see my eyes and made me lift my sun glasses as I took his cock it smelt and the taste was musky and salty. I could taste his sweat and urine. I chocked a little as he forced my head down onto his cock. I blushed further as I felt to my shame my little sissy clit start to harden. 

I started to forget about his dirty cock, the taste of his piss and started to really work on his cock I shamed myself totally by moaning and begged him to fuck me...

Between mouthfuls of cock and my shame I tried to explain that I was a special girl and that I needed his cock in my asspussy. He lifted me to my feet and pulled down my jean shorts and thong and laughed is that what you were mumbling about, I looked down in shame and simply nodded.

He laughed and said that my cock was so small it was only a little bigger than a real clit and he pushed me down at the waist I leaned up against the tree while my little babies were barking at my treatment.

He pulled my cheeks apart and spat on my hole he then spat on his hand and rubbed his cock and placed his cock head on my holes entrance and leaned in and whispered in my ear - is this what you want whore. He pulled my hair and asked again a little more violently and then squeezed my tiny balls I squealed with pain and felt warm liquid running down my ass cheeks then my thigh 

I blushed red and tried to move away he was pissing in my hole and it was filling me up inside and also running down my legs. I screamed and he laughed as he almost spat the words at me shut up whore or I will cut your balls off.

I stopped screaming and started to cry he finished pissing in / on me and then without any mercy pushed his fat cock into me - I cried out and held onto the tree for support. 

His hand were now on my hunches holding apart my cheeks as he fucked me deeply and hard. 
In my prone position my breast forms were really bouncing around and really pulling at my chest - a thought crossed my mind - god why did I not wear a bra this morning I almost laughed and had to bite my lip not to. I felt totally a women for a moment that thought was so femm it excited me and I let out a moan

My rapist thought it was in response to his technique and perhaps it was as he was the direct cause of my bouncing breasts forms.

His fucking speeded up and he started to grunt and groan and I let myself go and started to find that I was pushing back onto his cock I could feel his piss and pre cum running down my leg.

I looked up and my little dogs and they were just staring at the animalistic nature of their mistress. I moaned and then let out a scream I need more fuck me deeper I snarled at my assailant and almost pushed him to the ground 

He pulled me down onto his cock and for the first time in my life my entire ass cavity was totally full of another mans cock I was so open and slippy that his balls could have slid inside also. Each time he pulled me down and buried his cock totally into me he hit my prostate and sent a shiver through me and made my flaccid cock spurt a little cum. 

Finally the bastard that had raped me let out a loud and deep guttural groan and I felt his cock pulse once twice and then he let his cock cum inside me I bounced up and down on him till I drained his cock and then with a pop he slid out. 

Cum and piss flowed out of me and down my thigh I picked up some leaves and wiped myself down 

HE stood and watched as his cock deflated 

I blushed and with total shame fell to my knees and licked him clean

Real Girls

I spent so much time looking at images of real girls studying how the move walk talk and stand. I find this really helps and sometimes I recall an image and try to adopt the position. 

I find images of girls getting dressed especially interesting and useful in terms of copying them. 
Do send me any images you think may help.

These images have been sent in to me and I like to describe why they work for me and also have helped in my femm-ing. 

This is an intimate moment and although she is not being very femm her attire more than makes up for it and the moment of intimacy is rare and very special. 

I love researching how women cover them selfs I love this image as it is obvious she is a total slut but she is also being coy. 

The perfect standing pose. Weight on one leg, hip pushed out, other leg slightly bent and crossed over slightly, upper body curved upwards from hip, shoulders dropped toward raised hip. Hand gently resting on waist or thigh. Utterly femm and perfect pose. 

How much confidence can a girl have well if your Natalie as much as you want! Giggle
She is siting like a man arms wide open laughing and in total control she knows she is amazing and everyone is hoping to glimpse her pert breasts but she does not care she is totally in control I adore this girl.