Monday, 6 July 2009

What happend next - meeting Lisa

I sat at the bar feeling so excited and just ignored everyone while is drank my cosmo. 
I waited for what seemed like ages and a guy for the first time in my life asked to buy me a drink.

I blushed like mad and said no thank you and that I was waiting for someone.

Finally Lisa arrived but not dressed as Lisa. I was a little disappointed but understood. He simply did not feel confident enough and who was I to judge or indeed push. 

So he checked in and we went up to his room and started to plan. 

We had two nights and wanted to make the most of it. So I told her to get cleaned up and buzz me when she was ready and I would help her dress

I went to my room and changed I wanted this to special for Lisa.

The call came and I hurried to her room pulling my little case with me. 1 floor down I walked along the corridor and into the lift and then out at her floor I knocked on the door and she opened it she had a towel around her chest she let the towel go revealing her D cup breasts forms she was wearing a simple wig in black 

I could she Lisa was very erect and excited and I smiled and gasped totally ignoring her rather large issue - I hugged her and said welcome to the sisterhood we both laughed Lisa was bright red and I took over

Now darling please see to yourself in the loo we cannot have your wonderful clit spoil the line of your nickers - she went to the loo and moments later returned I smiled that was quick she giggle sorry I am so turned on.

Good I replied 

We then began to dress Lisa we tried on various panties unlike me Lisa is rather blessed in the clit department and we settled on a pair of M&S french knickers as they did the best job of hiding Lisa's clit. Matching bra and chemise and we then sat down to chat.

I asked Lisa why she became Lisa and she told me that she had seen an image of a normal looking guy being fucked by a normal looking women and it just turned him on totally he did not feel he was gay but as Lisa he felt he could do things his male body and mind would not let him. 

I found this picture while Lisa chatted and asked her to explain what it was that made her who she is. 

She blushed and told me for years she used to masturbate to a similar picture wishing she was the guy then one day it clicked it was the girl she wanted to be snarling and thrusting and in control while wearing a business suit 

We laughed and chatted more got very drunk we kissed a little and I opened up my case and showed Lisa the surprise we changed into the school girl outfits and giggled and chatted some more I showed Lisa how to walk and hot to pick up the phone, make a cup of tea and even go to the loo like a girl. 

It was 2am and we were both getting tired and I suggested bed and nothing more Lisa agreed and we both slipped into one of her babydolls she wore

I watched Lisa slip into her baby doll and giggle she kept trying to hide her rather large clit and I walked over and bit my lower lip and looked as sultry as possible hun your clit is too big for the style of dress you like let me help I slipped to my knees in my schoolgirl outfit the drink spinning in my head and took her semi erect clit and started to lick it like an icecream cone Lisa moaned I took her clit into my mouth and she started to buck and face fuck me I took hold of her clit and started to wank it madly she moaned and stopped bucking and then began to squeal she kept calling my name oh tabby pls yes tabby pls I cupped her balls and started to suck on her cock again and this time she bucked widly her first load of cum sprayed into my mouth but I lost control of her cock and she bucked her hip skyward and squealed as she came and came I watched her and blushed feeling sorry for her as she had nothing to rub her now engorged sissy clit on. I took her back in hand and wanked her until the last few drops came out. I had a little bit of cum on my cheek and she had some on her tummy and we kissed as I passed back her cum to her.

She then helped me undress and we swapped her thong for a pair of black silk french knickers that matched her babydoll and I slipped into this outfit 

darling I whispered to Lisa as I climbed into bed do you not have any normal babydolls these are all very slutty 

Lisa blushed and replied I know

we giggled and fell asleep. 

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