Monday, 20 July 2009

Great deals and Ideas at Shopbop

Hi all - the items below are all from 

I have been spending money a little too madly giggle - Lisa has not complained yet oh I do have to update you all still. 

The following items are my best buys from Shop Bop I did not buy them all but I have purchased some of them.

Great for lounging around the house when its a little cold. 

Totally sexy shoes yes I bought a pair

Sexy dress great for work - purchased along with the clutch purse the shoes above and the purse make this a divine outfit for work. 

Great clutch with jeans

So soft this velvety little outfit has me stroking myself - giggle wink!

Very cute

Another amazing outfit for work I do enjoy dressing like a PA

Great baker boy hat I like it so much I got one for Lisa too

Amazing shoes soooo yummy I am wearing them now and they are just totally scrummy

Great Pencil Skirt for work

Great Skirt for work and play I bought it for both Lisa and I

This is a great dress hides everything I love wearing it

My fave Pencil skirt I have been wearing this today and I adore it

Scrummy undies

Cute LBD

Yummy Undies

I do wish I could make jeans look like this when I put them on

Yummy LBD I adore this I have worn it to a house party on Sunday Night

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