Monday, 6 July 2009

Short Story

My 2nd captioned story be kind - do tell me what you think.

The two girls shook hands and both congratulated each other on a great game.

Lisa the shorter of the two girls asked the taller girl her name 
The taller girl replied oh it's Tabby and she turned to walk away 

Tabby called the other girl your style of play is very familiar in fact it is too familiar and the shorter stockier girl pushed the taller onto her knees

Tabby whimpered no please don't as the other other girl lifted her skirt and found what she was looking for I knew it shouted the Lisa your Roger she said in amazement I know that birth mark and your style of play... what happened the girl continued half in shock 

Well Tabby said I had a change she giggle of heart and became Tabby. That is why I left last year and that is why I am finally back I wanted to see how you were. I never thought...

Tabby was cut off as Lisa pulled her vest top up to reveal her pert breasts 

Lisa could not believe it she investigated the taller girl the girl formerly her boy friend Roger 
it was him she could see the small scar he got playing rugby, the birth mark the little beauty mole it was all there but it was different also 

Lisa began to get excited as she gently caressed the girl and explored her body 
she stripped of her top and 

fell to her knees she pulled at the tall girls thong and whispered tell me there is a little of roger left her she smiled and looked slutty at the mound between the tall girls legs 

Yes replied Tabby actually I could not part with it.


  1. Great story and lovely photos, would watch more tennis if it was like this! ;-)


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