Monday, 20 July 2009

Short Story - Walking my dog

I loved walking my two little dogs en femm I would spend hours getting dressed and walking the little dogs. Today was just another day the sun was shining so I decided to attach my best breast forms the ones with the erect nipples and put on my best cut shorts and take the two dogs for a walk.

The dogs were called Mitzy and Bitzy and I adored them. As we walked Mitzy ran off and I called and called 

I bent over to hold Bitzy still and carried on calling Mitzy 

From nowhere a guy walked towards me holding my little Mitzy - I blushed and put on my most femm voice and really began to overdo the girly attitude.

Oh thank you I blushed and with tears in my eyes I really played the damsel in distress - I thanked him and promised him anything he wanted. He just smiled. 

I expected him to act like my Knight in Shining armor but in stead he just carried on smiling I just could not stop myself and I carried on making a fool of myself. 

He then stopped smiling and he soon started to a snarl - I backed away but he picked up the dogs and threatened them. The park was always empty at this time and I would always walk along the least busiest path as I hid my dressing. 

He pushed the dogs into the tree and tied their leads so they would not fall and or escape. 
He then turned to me and told me to suck him

I blushed and nodded and pulled his cock from his gang trousers I soon realized he was a gang member and not a decent guy. 

He demanded to see my eyes and made me lift my sun glasses as I took his cock it smelt and the taste was musky and salty. I could taste his sweat and urine. I chocked a little as he forced my head down onto his cock. I blushed further as I felt to my shame my little sissy clit start to harden. 

I started to forget about his dirty cock, the taste of his piss and started to really work on his cock I shamed myself totally by moaning and begged him to fuck me...

Between mouthfuls of cock and my shame I tried to explain that I was a special girl and that I needed his cock in my asspussy. He lifted me to my feet and pulled down my jean shorts and thong and laughed is that what you were mumbling about, I looked down in shame and simply nodded.

He laughed and said that my cock was so small it was only a little bigger than a real clit and he pushed me down at the waist I leaned up against the tree while my little babies were barking at my treatment.

He pulled my cheeks apart and spat on my hole he then spat on his hand and rubbed his cock and placed his cock head on my holes entrance and leaned in and whispered in my ear - is this what you want whore. He pulled my hair and asked again a little more violently and then squeezed my tiny balls I squealed with pain and felt warm liquid running down my ass cheeks then my thigh 

I blushed red and tried to move away he was pissing in my hole and it was filling me up inside and also running down my legs. I screamed and he laughed as he almost spat the words at me shut up whore or I will cut your balls off.

I stopped screaming and started to cry he finished pissing in / on me and then without any mercy pushed his fat cock into me - I cried out and held onto the tree for support. 

His hand were now on my hunches holding apart my cheeks as he fucked me deeply and hard. 
In my prone position my breast forms were really bouncing around and really pulling at my chest - a thought crossed my mind - god why did I not wear a bra this morning I almost laughed and had to bite my lip not to. I felt totally a women for a moment that thought was so femm it excited me and I let out a moan

My rapist thought it was in response to his technique and perhaps it was as he was the direct cause of my bouncing breasts forms.

His fucking speeded up and he started to grunt and groan and I let myself go and started to find that I was pushing back onto his cock I could feel his piss and pre cum running down my leg.

I looked up and my little dogs and they were just staring at the animalistic nature of their mistress. I moaned and then let out a scream I need more fuck me deeper I snarled at my assailant and almost pushed him to the ground 

He pulled me down onto his cock and for the first time in my life my entire ass cavity was totally full of another mans cock I was so open and slippy that his balls could have slid inside also. Each time he pulled me down and buried his cock totally into me he hit my prostate and sent a shiver through me and made my flaccid cock spurt a little cum. 

Finally the bastard that had raped me let out a loud and deep guttural groan and I felt his cock pulse once twice and then he let his cock cum inside me I bounced up and down on him till I drained his cock and then with a pop he slid out. 

Cum and piss flowed out of me and down my thigh I picked up some leaves and wiped myself down 

HE stood and watched as his cock deflated 

I blushed and with total shame fell to my knees and licked him clean

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