Saturday, 11 July 2009

Short Story - Girls Need More

Tabby and her best friend Katie were chatting - the girls discussed love, life and sex

Tabby complained about her partners penis size she moaned that it just did not fill her up and
that she was so horny and unsatisfied.

Katie boasted her partners cock was huge and that he had an enormous appetite and if Tabby could help out. 

Katie called her partner and he soon arrived at Tabby's place. Tabby shivered she had never had black cock and was looking forward to sucking his monster.

Katie's partner stripped and Tabby's eyes exploded with sheer amazement her mouth dropped open and she could hear Katie smugly saying I told you so.

Tabby drank in the swollen black cock without hesitation and was lost in pleasing him. She did not hear her husband enter the house earlier. 

Tabby moaned and her husband started to complain when Katie took him to one side and told him to shut up and explained that Tabby had not had a proper shag since they were married and the poor girl was horny and  needed her insides strechted.

Tabby and Katie's partner collapsed onto the sofa and Tabby's husband sat down in dismay.

Katie pulled down Tabby's husbands trousers 

and called her partner over the girls measured the cocks and 

voted. Tabby's husband had to agree to let Tabby get fucked by Katies black partner 

Tabby squealed with delight and pulled her thong to one side and almost flew onto the cock presented to her 

Tabby turned over she loved being fucked doggy style and out of love started to suck her husbands cock. 

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