Friday, 17 July 2009

Short Story - Same Idea different perspective

I spoke with a female friend and asked her to wear a strap on for an entire day and tell me what it would be like to wake up with a huge cock. 

Bless her she did and here is a story with images I found online and thoughts and ideas from my friend. 

I just could not believe the weight getting dressed was a nightmare and everytime I touched it or it rubbed against anything it sent all my blood rushing to the damn thing and like a bee to sugar I kept stopping to play with it. 

I managed to put on a bra and vest and then the damn thing sprung to life - it teased me so I started to caress it as I did it grew longer and fatter I could feel myself getting lost in it I just wanted to cum then I started to pump it 

I crawled onto my bed and started to finger my ass and pull on my cock. The sensations made me scream out loud as my cock head rubbed across the bed linen the sensations made my balls tighten 

I did not care about being late to work I pinched my nipples and started to wank I needed to cum and I needed it in my mouth - I wanted to fuck something my balls tensed and relaxed and then tensed again sending waves of pleasure through me 

Finally I pushed my dildo deep into my ass and pumped on my cock which sent streams of cum high into the air and all over my face and breasts - I screamed in pleasure and passed out....

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