Tuesday, 7 July 2009

What happen next - Day 2 of meeting Lisa

We woke up around 10am we had left a do not disturb sign on the door. 

I dressed quickly and made my way back to my room. I got cleaned up and ready for the afternoon of fun when my mobile buzzed into life it was Lisa asking if I would join her for brunch. I said yes and that I was almost ready and would be down to her in about 20 mins.

I wore a simple bra and knicker set 

and this dress 

And put in my wheelie case this little outfit also for me to wear

and this outfit for Lisa

I arrived at her door and sat down she was dressed in her babydoll and was also wearing the hotel's fluffy cotton robe. 

She was already tucking in to brunch and I joined her 
She was watching me intently and commented that she adored the way I moved we giggled I blushed and she asked me to describe the motions I took in sitting on the corner of the cube stool in her room. 

I thought for a while about her question and replied sorry it is a natural thing for me to do the clothes help but I am not sure so we drank coffee and discussed the motions

firstly i noticed that I had my knees and feet together and that I bent my knees a little and bent a little at the waist to stop the dress from riding up too much the stool was quite low also so when I sat down I also twisted at the waist so that my knees which are pressed together and laid down are 90º to my torso which is twisted and facing Lisa. 

We brunched and chatted and there was a knock on the door. 

I looked at Lisa and she went blushed with fear and excitement I said to her it is the maid let me let her in and we can carry on chatting I will talk to her. Lisa nodded she was speechless

I opened the door and the middle aged easter european women said hi and smiled and allowed her into the room and returned to my coffee.

The maid asked if it was ok to clean the room I smiled and said yes.

I continued to chat and Lisa sat still.

For what seemed like ages the maid fussed around and then left I thanked her and she smiled and closed the bedroom door.

Lisa let out a deep sigh and smiled wow was all she said.

I giggled 

Lisa had a shower and I flicked through vanity fair 

She emerged with the towel around her breasts and I helped her dress she giggled and squealed with delight I then stepped into the bathroom and changed and then began to train her in walking and acting femm. 

Tonight was Lisa big test we both knew that she would not past close inspection but if you passed her in the hallway you would not notice unless you were looking at her intently. So our plan was to leave her room and walk to mine. 

The walk would take us along her floors hallway to the main bank of lifts a short walk and then 
1 floor up to my floor then a longer walk around 3 mins to my room.

It would be Lisa's first time in public and I was challenging her to walk in 5 inch heels - she was wearing her princess / bride outfit and wearing the 4 inch heels and doing rather well. She was overdoing her walk and would tire out over any distance so we practice a little more then it was time for a girly chat and coffee. 

We discussed love life everything we kissed a little and we started to discuss me, my blog and my life so far. 

We talked for what seemed like ages. We discussed what it is I am trying to be and do, what I want, what I want to be now and in the future. 

Lisa in her very much business like manner started to make a list of my behaviour / tastes / ideals / feelings / thinking etc. 

We then played a little game now we had something to reflect back with we looked at the girls we knew with the attributes we wanted to match. The issue of course is that we did not know the girls we had in mind so we started to assign the personalities to famous girls 

We covered the usual suspects and they just did not feel right we then discussed Kirsten Dunst and somehow there was a click so we started to search of pictures - the rule being if there was a shot I did not like or made me question our positioning then she was the wrong personality to match

We found these images and Lisa and I worked our way through them to make sure we had a match. 

I think this somes up my style my look and who I long to be so perfectly 

A yummy mummy - I was shocked when I said that to Lisa I felt I could be a mum for the first time I almost burst into tears

Career Girl

Playful girl on holidays

Grown up women

Little pixie - innocent and weak 

Strong sexy 

Stylish and sexually aware of herself

Country estate wife

Sexy in a quirky way

thin slim and posses well

girl next door

City Urban Girl


Finally I felt a weight lift of my shoulders and felt somehow that I had arrived

Lisa and I chatted some more and then I said to Lisa darling time to prepare it was 7pm now and I wanted to do our little walk at around 10pm so Lisa went to have a bath and really shave and make sure she was just right she had not eaten anything since brunch and then only a few bites of toast we had both survived on coffee and water - I am used to not eating but poor Lisa was hungry but she needed to fit into her outfit. 

I laid out her clothes and pranced around in my boots corset and skirt and walked in to the bathroom with out thinking to find Lisa playing with herself I giggled and then sternly said now silly girl there will be plenty of time for that later and slapped her shocked hand away for her clit.

And strode out of the bathroom totally in control. 

I loved the new feeling of power I had over Lisa.

She got on with her ablutions and emerged I sat her down and started to apply her makeup and then styled her wig next I stood her up and sprayed perfume on her and then a little roll on and then I pulled on her firm support and control knickers 


Yes I know they are not sexy but she needed the support and control 

Lisa had shaved her legs but the pattern would hide any issues blemishes etc 

I then forced the poor girl into a shape ware slip with bra that was a size too small

she was starting to develop a shape and then next thing to do was let her get used to the tightness and lack of movement she still needed to look natural but contained. 

I then unzipped the dress she had chosen with my help and I helped her step into it 

It looked great where she should curve out she did where she should curve in she did and the dress hung just so. 

finally holding my hand she stepped into her shoes 

and the whole thing looked perfect Lisa walked around the room and her walk was much better now she tried to sit and stand and move and slowly got used to the clothes the shoes and body position. 

I handed her a glass of wine and we put on some music and danced a little I wanted her to feel totally at home on the heels and dancing is a great way to do this. We drank some more I filled her glass up twice for each one of mine tipsy was good less inhibitions but not too drunk.

I checked the time on my phone and we had half an hour to go but I just could not wait so I said to Lisa lets get going I pulled her to the door before she said no handed her her purse and picked mine and we left her room. 

Before she knew what was going on we were arm in arm walking along the hallway
As we walked our hips bumped as we had not learnt to walk together that close arm in arm so we adjusted our strut and then went for it 

We walked past 3 guys in suits we could smell the beer on them before we saw them giggle they all said good evening ladies 

Lisa giggled and blushed and smiled and was about to thank them as I pulled the silly now perhaps slightly too drunk cow away from the very drunk guys.

We strutted Lisa really overkilled her walk and as we stood by the lift I told her to stand straight and hold up her head she whispered how hard it was to walk in the heels and move like a women and stand up straight.

The lift arrived and we got in and the surface changed I knew Lisa would now hear her heels click and clack and freak a little so I held her hand an older couple get into the lift and pressed the ground floor but the lift was already going up and I thought what a good test the lift went up and the door opened  I pulled Lisa's hand and shook my head she stayed in the lift

I was hoping she would and in my head I was saying to her be calm do not make a scene...

The lift descended two more floors and then a 30 something women entered and stood next to me, she smiled, I smiled back. The lift arrived at the ground floor and we got out Lisa was scared stiff and I whispered hun no one cares just walk with me arm in arm and enjoy it.

We walked across the lobby and I shivered still loving the sound my heels made as I walked across the tiled floor of the hotel lobby.

I walked us to the bar and then we sat in the corner the bar was full but I made sure Lisa had her back to the crowd and was protected by furniture, plants and obscuring her from general view. The waitress came over and barley looked at us he was busy and just wanted to take our orders - I order to cosmos and she left

I held Lisa hand and she was red with excitement, fear and could not speak. 

The drinks arrived and the waitress placed the drinks on little paper branded coasters and smiled I opened my purse and paid her for the drinks and gave her a tip she leant in close to us both and said I think your friend is brave and looks amazing and held Lisa hand and gave her a little squeeze. 

I smiled and thanked her - Lisa blushed further if that is possible and beamed at the girl. I giggled and Lisa almost downed the cosmo in one I smiled and asked the girl to bring us two more and if she could find a min to join us for a drink this time she blushed and turned to fetch our drinks.

We chatted and our  drinks arrived and the waitress left a little note it read:

I would love to have a drink but I am on shift till midnight

I opened my purse and wrote 

thats ok hun meet us in room 172 when your done just for a drink and a chat.

We sipped our drinks this time and Lisa acted a little more collected the drink helping to calm her nerves

A drink arrived at out table served by a waiter he leaned in close and said Miss the gentleman over there he pointed and a guy at the bar waved wanted to buy you this drink.

I smiled and whispered back in my best femm voice tell him thank you and I gave the waiter £5 and said buy him any drink he wants. 

The waiter returned to the man at the bar and he walked over and said thanks for the drink I smiled and thank you too.

He said are you here alone or with anyone I pointed to Lisa and I replied sorry I am a lesbian to which he blushed and said sorry and left Lisa and I alone 

We giggled and then picked up our purses and walked towards the lift. We got into the lift alone and Lisa kissed me fully and thanked me for an amazing outing. I smiled and said that my head was spinning I do not drink much and I had drunk a lot this evening we walked to my room savoring the sensations of women-hood and entered my room.


  1. *giggles* Sounds like you both had an awesome time. Can't wait to hear what happened during the visit by the waitress. Hope all is well sweetie.

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