Sunday, 5 July 2009

Meeting Lisa

I got ready that morning and packed far too much into my little wheelie case but I wanted to cover all eventualities - I had decided to treat this as a work trip and purchased several costumes for Lisa and I to wear I made sure we had outfits each that would work with our body shapes and promote the better parts and hide the bits that did not work as well. Know girls you all know what I mean.

This maid outfit I purchased for me to wear 

And this one for lisa the more forgiving shape and structured bodice would help lisa keep things in place.

This school girl outfit I selected for myself 

and this outfit for Lisa

This brides outfit for Lisa 

and this less forgiving one for me 

I had everything in place the car came to pick me up and drove me to the hotel. 
I arrived at the Soho Hotel and checked in my 2 cases were taken to my room and I went straight to the bar. I was dressed in shape wear from M&S. Shoes vest top and high waisted skirt from Asos - Shoes from Jones.

I sat in the bar and waited the arrival of Lisa well I knew she would not turn up as Lisa but I wanted to see what she would do as she arrived. 

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