Monday, 20 July 2009

Short Story - Helping My Sister

My sister always mixed with the wrong sort of person she always got into trouble and this time it was serious a local loan shark had been chasing her for the money she owed him. We pulled up in my sisters car and we both got out. 

Let me explain I am her brother and she knew I was bi and loved dressing she also knew the loan shark loved white sissy boys. She told me we were going to a pool party and it was fancy dress so I got excited and decided to dress. 

I asked my sister what we were doing her she walked over to this huge man and explained to him who I was his face turned from a scowl to being wide eyed surprised and without looking at me pointed at me and said to my sister how long have I got him. 

My sister said until I have paid you off. She then got into her car and drove off.

The huge man turned to me and said well girl looks like your mine - I looked at my sisters car at it tore away and she waved and shouted good luck sis....

We got into his car and he kept talking and telling me how much he always wanted a sissy white boy PA we arrived at his office and I was put to work at every opportunity he laughed at me and fondled me. I would complain and then he would threaten me and my sister. The other guys would laugh at me and the black women would hiss at me for taking one of their top men. 

I realised that my ordeal would end quickly if I gave him what he wanted. So I turned and brushed up against my capture and stroked his impossibly large cock in his trousers I felt it twitch and to my shame so did my little sissy cockette. I looked over my shoulder and the guys had gathered around watching us an the women had started to make rude gestures and remarks. 

I feel to my knees and started to unzip the man mountain in front of me. I quickly turned my head as I felt someone had spat at me I regretted my reaction as the women closest who had obviously spat at me sneered and asked me to do something about it I started to sob and turned back to my master. 

The crowd laughed.

1000's of thoughts ran through my head why did I dress up why was my sister doing this to me why was I getting so red and blushed and why was my sissy clit getting so hard. My sister had teased me and had let me wear her sexiest underwear and shoes and now I know why. 

The giants cock sprung free and my eyes widen. Without being aware of it I licked my lips and all the guys whooped and hollered the bitch likes it the all chimed in. 

My mouth dropped open in anticipation my mouth was so dry and I could smell his malness it was overpowering, intoxicating. 

I licked his length and then he pulled me to my feet. I could not let go of his cock I held it like a security blanket like I needed it. He undressed me and complimented me on my breasts forms.

I smiled and giggled and the crowd looked on some guys had their cocks out some of the women were sucking them my master slowly and powerfully undressed me and turned me around and made me lean over his table he spat on my hole and pushed into me with out a word and then he pounded me I squealed and passed out only to wake a few seconds later to his pounding I squealed and then he asked me if I was his.

I almost screamed in pleasure that I was his white fuck toy and he could do anything with me he wanted - he made me promise that I would trap my bitch sister into being his whore also otherwise he would take his cock out and never let me have it again.

he cock sent spasms through me and I came again as his monstrous pole smashed into my tiny prostrate.

He grunted and then gave me one mighty thrust and filled my bowels with his cum. He pulled out and grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me to clean him then still holding onto my hair forced my face down onto the small pool of my cum and made me lick it off his desk. 

He throw my clothes at me and I hurried to the loo all his entourage laughing at me as I wiggled away to wipe the cum sliding out of my now gaping wide hole. 

I returned to my master clean and presentable and he told me to sit at the end of his desk and wait I did so while sat there I did my nails and sighed in total fulfilled bliss.


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