Monday, 6 July 2009

A Homage to Lord Hugo Black

I love these images her is a short story based on them:

Tabby's master Mr Black had spent the night on the prowl - his parties were legendary but the consummate host did not allow the pleasures on show to distract him from running an smooth and meticulously planned event. The evening was drawing to a close and he had as always been the best possible host. The party was winding down and guests were retiring to their rooms along with their slave girl, guy or couple for the night.

Tabby was surrounded by men they all looked enthralled at her wondering which one would be lucky enough to fuck her they circled the girl like animals each trying to make the girl select him. 

Tabby was bored these fools were fun and she enjoyed playing with them but sometimes the only thing that would cure the ache within her was his cock. She wondered what he was up to as she smiled at the men around her.

Hugo had spotted Tabby and was slowly making his way to her stopping every now and then to kiss an amazing looking girl and wish her luck bedding some male slave or shaking the hand of a fat guy who had selected a stunning blonde to fuck all night. 


Tabby hear her masters voiced and looked round she was totally surrounded by men now and she enjoyed the smell of testosterone but she smelt his scent and shivered a real man had walked into the crowd of lesser men 

Tabby lowered her eyes and smiled as her Lord approached her she instinctively released his belt and undid his trousers the men watched in a trance as Tabby took out of her Lords trousers the largest cock they had ever seen and they all knelt and took out their cocks 

Tabby looked at her master and smiled her cigarette was almost gone and

she lit another while holding onto the giant phallus

Black's command was simple and totally obeyed not just by Tabby but the other men - his command was powerful and as deep as his voice 


So she did Tabby's little clit harden her nipples erect and ready to explode as she watched the lesser men pound their cocks in frustration and humiliation

She could her them all cumming and moaning and she felt cum splash her face and land in her hair. She knew not a drop of their lesser cum would land on her Master he simply did not allow it and they knew not too.

Tabby worked her master cock and soon he was cumming into her throat 

Finally he let go of her head and turned to the lesser men and began to cum on each of their faces they went wild and began to lick his cum they were weak and wanted to be like him and by taking his seed the hoped they would become men Tabby stood up and held her masters hand she stepped over the men covered in their own cum and her masters and laughed 

she walked such a powerful walk head held high back straight hips swaying this way and that hand gently held by her master she blushed as they turned a corner and entered his bedroom she felt her own cum sliding down her thigh her tiny silk thong had absorbed as much as it could but now it was totally saturated and all it could do was release her sissy sweet smelling cum onto her thigh and then as it was joined by further juices it slowly slipped down the inside of her thigh and was caught by the top of her stocking 

Hugo pushed the girl onto the bed and with one mighty gesture tore the girls dress away his cock was enraged and Tabby looked over her shoulder and bite her lip as her master 
plunged his cock deep into her asspussy she squealed and then....


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