Friday, 10 July 2009

Questions, questions

I was sent a large selection of illustrations by Lisa and asked to select the ones that excite me and explain why.

I see myself as a women and I adore the idea of a master and or mistress and I love the idea of being a pet a thing to use I love the site There is something so sexy and cute about a girl that like to be owned and this illustration is totally darling. I wish I had a man to make me his pet kitten and teach me to please him.

Such a cute illustration the girl is a bride and it it her honeymoon night. I love the wide eyed look and the white virginal under wear along with the little smile on her face and her tiny hand on the huge cock. I imagine myself as a bride holding onto my husbands huge cock and my tiny hand wraps around his pole and then my lips follow.

I adore this illustration look at her hand moving so quickly needing to be milked her eyes and face are in total pleasure and she has lost all control I wish I could feel what she feels

This is interesting I knew I was sub but I never thought I was also dom I like both positions in this illustration however I think she looks so yummy - Her legs pressed together, her white heels, hold ups and tiny skirt along with the yummy tight jumper all makes the perfect little wife and hubby is telling her off for spending far too much on a new handbag.

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  1. All of these pictures excite me very much as well. I enjoy transforming worthless males into hapless sexy shemales, and these are the ideal sort of girls I'm striving for...