Monday, 6 July 2009

Wish List Series 3

My wish list series is a simple tool to explain what it is I adore about being femm.

Just look at her curves and how fresh and energetic she looks

Ever since the mini skirt and tight jumper Buffy bounced onto our screen this girl is getting hotter and hotter - classic features and a body to match 

Tiny, slim and totally femm this girl makes me weep oh to be that sexy and that slim.

Such an angel I adore this little vixen

From VS fame just look at that body 

girls and their horses such a sexy idea 

Oh to be the schoool slut

I want to know what that feels like I want to scream and squeal in pleasure 

Cum on my face I would whisper in a dirty whore like manner

Girl next door preparing breakfast - how I wish I was the cute girl next door 

Such an erotic image

Girlfriends I wish I had grown up as a girl

Sexy, fit and strong what an amazing women

Stunning little pixie 

My gf's and I out for an evening of fun

Slave girl kept in the stables

Made to suck

Built to kiss

1 comment:

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