Thursday, 2 July 2009

Wonderful Idea

I am not sure about you girls but do tell me what you think. Please I am dying to know if this is a good idea.

I for one adore the idea of role play the whole act of dressing up etc. It came to me one evening what if....

Your fantasy lets say is a bridal one and you long to feel all the emotions a bride does so over a weekend you arrive at a country estate and there to greet you are several (real girls and T girls) they all pretend to be your friend and run your hen night and then your bridal shower all the way through to a small wedding ceremony. 

you get to spend the weekend dressed as a girl and bride you are pampered and preened, while all around you gorgeous sexy girls tell you how wonderful you look and how adorable a bride you will make. You get fitted for your dress and honeymoon under wear.

Does that sound wonderful - should I set up a package like that - would you go?

To be fussed over and made beautiful 

To watch and be watch and be helped in and out of your bridal underwear

to have your makeup and hair done while you are watch by your bridesmaids

to be silly and sexy and cute on your hen night

to look divine as you dance and get a little tipsy at your wedding reception 

How about a spring break fantasy where you are in a hotel and you get drunk and act like a complete whore giggle 

Imagine being so drunk your fall asleep in the car park and are used by untold guys

imagine posing with friends at the pool 

a moment to reflect in the sun as the heat of the sun warms your back and the breeze refreshes your nipples

getting ready for the party

getting close to the girl you adored from afar while drinking too much

flirting with each other

drinking games

drinking while sucking on the top of a bottle while the guy your making eyes at checks you out

being silly with your girl friends

Squealing at your best friend as the huge guy you have been making eyes at all week finally 
shows you his cock.

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