Monday, 20 July 2009

Short Story - An undercover story

Steve was a great police officer. He had an amazing arrest record and was the best undercover officer in London. 

His specialty was the most dangerous assignments he could impersonate women and therefore had infiltrated several gangs and managed to arrest several of their key members. His ability to switch between Male and Female dress confused the gang members.

It was a cold Tuesday afternoon and Steph called out to Gus as she waited in the carpark Gus Arrived and hugged his girl. Gus introduced his friend and they left Steph to goto the local shops and pick up their protection money.

Steph quickly called her contact and passed on the name of Gus's friend.

Later they all arrived at Gus's hide out. Steph made her excuses and tried to leave but Gus said what's the hurry.

The guys pulled at Steph's top revealing the most amazing looking breasts forms. Steph thanked her lucky stars the cosmetic dept at the station was so good. 

Gus pushed the girl down onto her knees and Gus Said if you are a girl you will suck us off. Steph wondered what he meant did he know something. So he did as he was told and carried on the role playing. 

Soon he had two fat cocks in his mouth. Gus laughed and pushed the girl on the floor. We know who you are pig. and with that pushed their cocks into the girls face.

Gus's friend called for backup and the room filled up with angry looking men with knives and guns. Steve knew this was it. So he begged and pleaded let me live and I will be your bitch please.

The gang laughed and Gus stepped forward lets turn this bitch pig he snarled and forced his cock into Steve's ass - steve screamed. 

His mouth was soon invaded with a cock and they continued to pound into him 

Cock after cock cum after cum he just managed a deep breath before another cock forced itself into his mouth and throat. 

The mental anguish Steve suffered finally made him snap. He really does think he is Steph and the gang use him regularly 

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