Monday, 14 March 2011

Being Normal - A short Story

As you may have seen from my previous post I adore the idea of normality - what do I mean...

Well I mean normal! A normal girl with normal parts and a real history not made up not ever changing and most of all the feelings and the experiences to understand, think and feel female.

I selected these images to explain my thoughts my thinking my desire and ultimately my despair. Sigh yes ladies I am feeling down no work for a few days and even less energy - I mean god if I was a real girl I would be thinking that I was pregnant!



I did have a yummy date last night he was nice and we went to Shoreditch House. I really want to get membership there but you need to be invited - boo hoo. 

These images reflect the real me the real tabby the real girl inside....

Ladies if you understand my meaning close your eyes and imagine this is about you let the feelings wash over you and let your needs be complete

It's a Saturday I am walking to the shops as always I am wearing my simple Calvin Klien cotton panties my breasts are pert and I enjoy not wearing a bra I love the feeling of the merino wool john smedley top my tight jeans and boots - my large handbag - my hair it tied back and I am walking briskly along the high street....

I can feel eyes watching me I ignore them but love the attention...I love that each step clicks as my heel hits the pavement and that my hips sway as I place one foot in front of the other the action makes my pert breasts bounce I love the feeling of the fabric on my skin... 

The jeans are skin tight I love the feeling my body is slim and athletic I love the feeling of my hips as the bulge out as I walk pulling my jeans tighter. 

I adjust my bag and sneak a peek at a cute guy across the street. I wiggle my bottom as I walk past an old man and giggle to myself. 

I stop at the crossing waiting for the lights to change I shrug into my jumper and put my hand into my jeans pocket I pose a little trying to look cute trying to ignore the guy from across the street. 
As he walks past me I blush a little the wind blows and pushes my jumper tight against me outlining my breasts and highlighting my nipple. 

I turn away really blushing now....

I turn and catch him looking at my ass. I turn away and giggle to myself. My nipples harden again this time from excitement and not the cold. 

I cross over the road and enter the supermarket...


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