Monday, 30 November 2009

Fetish 1, 2, 3, and 4

Wow girls some of you have responded in the time honored sissy way cocks in your sissy mouths and pushed into your sissy faggots asspussys and silky lace under things appears to be the top fetish.

But some girls have given the questions some real thought and have responded very honestly.

Casey darling I am sure your fetish is shared by every tgirl, sissy faggot whore deep down. They are just afraid to admit it.

Casey's fetish is simple and pure. She wants to be born again she wants to be a teenage school girl. She has sent in these images and has added her comments.

She loves this pic the girl is sooo fresh looking so pert and she loves the tan lines

Casey wants to point out in this shot the girls hair is sooo long and totally amazing.

Casey confirms that she would also shave totally

Run Casey run - giggle

Thank you Casey. I must admit the thought of waking up as a teenage girl has some real deep down pull for me but somehow I would prefer to be a young 20 something working in the big city perhaps for a fashion magazine.

Liam sent in the next few images his passion, fetish is a very strange one. He claims not to be a T girl or cross dresser but a new bred he labels himself a man girl. Hummmm I raise one beautifully plucked and shaped eyebrow.

He goes on to say he is straight and as a guy is totally interested in girls but would love to be a real girl. What he means is not a Celeb not a porn star but a girl next door. As a girl next door he would sleep with guys and girls and adds that this is ok as he is now a girl.

He also added these images are his fave girl next door girls.

Roxanne sent in these amazing shots.
Roxanne just added one sentence to her email. Please please Mistress Tabby I sooo want to be her. I will do anything.

Roxanne sweetie if I could transform you darling I would. I totally understand your need. She is amazing and has a body and looks to die for.

Finally Tim has begged me to post his fetish - strong women. It seems Tim wants nothing more then to be fucked by a muscle bound tgirl.

Tim darling your such a sissy.


  1. Oh how I'd love to be a teenage schoolgirl - but a late developer, so I could see myself turn from a little girl into a curvy slut to die for ;-)

  2. I would LOVe to have tits like the top model..So cute and perky