Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Amazing Pics

Ladies I am not sure what is wrong with me today - I simply can not sleep. I have tried everything a sissy girl should and could possibly try.

I have even taken to wearing my most exquisite undies. All from Fluer of England.

Even playing dress up did not help me slip into a sex fueled slumber. So I began to look through old emails from sissy fags, sexy t girls and sexy guys with hard cocks. And I came across Tom's email in my spam folder.

I love this pic thank you so much Tom - ladies this lady is one heck of a lady! Giggle.

Tom informs me this is he with his then girl friend - lucky cow

Tom I can do that much better.

Tom tells me his most fave thing is to cum on girls faces.

and make them scream.

I also found these images from a very nice girl called Becky she is a little shy but I can tell you a total whore.

Ladies who would you be in this image?

The leather glove makes this soooo sensual and erotic

Cute face stunning bod and those legs - girl you are so lucky

Becky you have the same fetish as I - pony girls



  1. The way I'm feeling right now? I think I'd like to be the scooter. I'm absolutely starving to eat some pussy!

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