Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My treat

Well ever since the hen night I soooo wanted to have another go in the hot tub. So I called the Spa 2 Hire guys and they come round and put up the hot tube on Thursday.

By friday morning it was ready and I spent the best part of Friday trying my swim wear out.

I had been sent 5 new styles and I was sooo dying to try them out.

The first is a swim suit all in one. Great for sissy T girls like me and you. But a warning ladies this only looks good on girls with flat tummies. Oh and do tuck your little sissy clit well away as this swim suit my cover up the breasts forms and hold them in place well but it shows up everything else.

This tankini is the most forgiving not great if you have cheap breasts forms as it is cut a little low but it just looks ever so cute.

for those of you who are perfect like me and only if you are feeling brave

for only the super amazing looking faggots out there girls this is too die for but not many can pull this look off.

and finally for those sporty types if your manly shape needs hiding this is perfect

I spent the whole Friday and Saturday morning pampering my self. That evening I had a long soak and then bathed for about an hour.

Giggle I was soooo wrinkled I looked like a prune. I dressed in my fave new babydoll and watched Xfactor and strictly while drinking champers.

Babydoll and matching heels.

Thank you team at Spa 2 hire thank you Victoria secrets for the lush swim wear to try.


  1. Mmmmm. I do like the micro-skort look--particularly in black.

  2. Nice suit selection! Where are the pictures of you in them?