Tuesday, 22 December 2009

It seems more of you like it also

I have had a major response to my last post many girls, tigirls, sissy girls ad fags have all sent in their little take on the black dom man fantasy I have been sent some yummy pictures from Fran. She tells me she loves going on holiday and letting go of her stuffy english ways and getting herself a fat black cock. You go girl...

Fran sent these images in and asked me to comment.

Well Fran I want this in my mouth look at how long and fat it is, how heavy it is ooh my I am feeling faint - girls anyone else want to help me with this?

His balls are small but wow I love the weight of it

cute couple - i bet she will not walk straight tomorrow - giggle

I would make that hard she is failing in my opinion

girls on their holidays - does her father know!

ooh to be her she is sooo going to be sore in the morning

This looks like a three way rape - giggle lucky cow giggle

He does not need any more encouragement - why are some girls sooo easy - such a slut - giggle

her first time

Wow thank you to all those that sent in images - ideas and thoughts please do keep them coming or share your thoughts on the comments section of the blog I am so pleased you all liked the post.

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