Thursday, 24 December 2009

Short Story - My gift

A few years ago my wife found me dressed in her lingirie lying on our bed my tiny sissy clit in hand and a large black plastic cock pushed deep into my ass pussy

I remember it like it was yesterday I had my eyes tightly shut and I was pushing the cock in and out while pumping my clit madly I remember moaning and then cuming my cum landing on my face and lips and as I licked my lips and purrred at tasting my own cum I heard a gasp from my wife.

I open my eyes in shock to see my wife fingering herself now she had her eyes tightly shut and I could she she was close her mouth was open and she started panting. I crawled over to her and licked her pussy lips and ass until she screamed and held my made up face deep in her pussy.

Fast forward to today

It was the weekend so as always we woke early and my wife would dress me. I was told to wear a deep rich silk bra and matching thong in a deep brown tan lace top hold ups, tight mini skirt in black and a leopard print kimono blouse with a wide satin belt and black 5 inch heels

My wife wore her silk bra and matching bikini briefs in pink a pair of sheer tights and a light grey silk pencil skirt and silk pink blouse and grey 4 inch heels.

As always we started our morning off by complimenting each other and drinking our morning coffee and as always we found that he had to touch and kiss each other. My wife looked amazing and I was sooo femm. My wife had pushed her hands into my thong and squeezed my balls and made me moan in pain. I fingered her pussy and we whispered and moaned in each others ears.

my wife would say - oohh hun your sooo perfect oohh puurr your amazing oohh myy your fucking soo hot hun my sissy fag husband your soo small your cock is like a clit your my bitch

and I would moan and purr back

oohh hun fuck me please fuck me with a fat cock.... ohh I need to know what it feels like to be a women....

We managed toto calm down and my wife was being a little cryptic. She kept asking me how badly did I want to know what it was like to be fucked we chatted about how things felt while we drank coffee and the door bell rang.

I panicked and rushed to the stairs my wife told me not to be silly and to wait in the kitchen

I heard voices at the front door my wife walked back into the kitchen and her boss Steve followed behind. My wife and I had many dressing sessions where we had imagined Steve fucking us both.

Steve walked in and smiled at me my wife introduced me as Roxanne I curtsied it seemed the thing to do.

My wife stifled a giggle and added Roxanne seems so much more appropriate than Robert what do you think Steve.

I blushed and Steve smiled and simply nodded and a wicked smile spread across his face.

My wife poured each of us a glass of wine. We all drank and chatted.

Steve put his glass down and calmly pulled down his trousers his erect cock sprung free and gently swayed my wife bent down immediately and started to suck. She reached over to my hand and pulled me down next to her I watched as my wife's beautiful sexy painted lips stretched around another mans cock and to my shame my clit was on fire.

Steve reached around to take another drink and I continued to watch my wife her head moving up and down and her tongue licking his tip.

I was mesmerized and slowly I leaned in closer and my mouth opened my silk gloved hand held another mans balls and my tongue darted across his piss slit I looked at my wife my eyes locked on hers I looked for confirmation any sign to show me this was ok

She smiled and nodded and then stood up and moved the bar chair closer to me and said
Steve make her a women.

Steve pushed me onto the chair my wife pulled up my skirt and Steve without a word entered me

I screamed in pain and pleasure

My wife stroked my face and legs and whispered in my ear

now darling you are a women now you have a fat cock in you now you are forever my shame and my love I can never love you as a man you are my lesbian lover and steve will take over your place in my bed and when he wants you he will fuck you.

This is your role...

I cried and in between purring and begging Steve not to stop I begged her not to do this

She said if you want this to end simply tell Steve to stop....

I blushed and lowered my head as tears welled up in my eyes.

I whispered Steve please please fuck me harder....

My wife laughed and pushed her pussy into my face and the last thing I heard before my moaning took over was my wife calling me a sissy fag your our bitch now.....


  1. Mmm, such a delicious story -- thanks hun

  2. Great story I really love how it was all found out

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