Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Some yummy festive fun

A few pics I was sent and some that I found.

This is for all you sissy faggots out there with girlfriends. Yes you, you know who you are. Waiting for her to go out one evening then dressing in her silky lacy things, pushing her dildo that you purchased for a silly gift one year deep into your ass pussy and pumping you silly little cock till your sissy girl cream spills out of you.

Then your shame hits and you run around frantically hiding the evidence putting her things back and hoping she never finds out but deep down longing for her to fuck you with it while you are dressed as a whore.

I adore this cartoon.

Morning wood giggle

I adore this fake soooo yummy


  1. Well, wow. You nailed the introduction perfectly!

  2. Have you been watching me? Do you think she'll notice that her plastic cock is turning red from my lipstick?

  3. I don't know about the shame part. Shame on her for being such a prude, but the rest is pretty much on the money!

    Sounds like you've been there Tabby. . . .

  4. If you add "scooping up all the warm cum and licking it off your fingers" then you've just described me perfectly!

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