Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A thought

These two captions which I adore along with something that happened last night made me think about our condition - what condition you may ask well I would reply our need to dress and act like sexy women. Our need to become whores, maids, wifes, schoolgirls and in my case air hostess.

Some of us look like fat middle aged guys wearing their wives under wear, a few of us look ok and a select few look like women. I find myself mostly in the looks ok group but every now and then I eat a little less, work on my yoga that much harder and as if by magic I actually look good I look like a 7 out of 10 women I look like a guys horny date.

When I have days like that I take hold of it and try to make it last as long as possible.

Yesterday was a good day. A 7 out of 10 day. I woke up and without noticing what was happening I found myself staring at myself in the mirror who was this hot totty in the cutest of cute babydolls staring back at me. I knew it was one of those special days...

A shiver ran up my spine my tiny sissy clit twitched and a naughty smile spread across y face. I knew who to call. I knew what he would say and most of all I loved the idea.

I know some of you are going to be upset but I have a special fuck buddy for days like this and he is a total animal. He is tall very well built very fit and muscular but not too much so. He is a gym trainer who teaches boxing to white collar fight club wanna be's.

He has the energy and the strength of a bull and makes me feel totally submissive. But he has another quality that makes me feel well totally his toy his pet. He is a master at being a domm master. He is a 6 foot 5 inch black man and I adore the fact that I am a 5 foot 7 sissy white t girl that is pounded by his fat long and very hard cock. Giggle I am such a slut I am licking my lips while I type this and my sissy clit is twitching.

But the most amazing thing the thing that makes me call him on days like this is his issues, his own shame let me explain...

My Master lets call him John is in the closet he does not want anyone to even think he likes to fuck or have his cock sucked by a sissy tgirl white or black. So what normally happens is exciting dangerous and some of the best sex a sissy fag can get.

I text him and let him know I am ready. He likes like most men for me to dress in a corset, panties stockings heels and I like to add the finishing touches like elbow length gloves and a collar and chain.
He knocks on the door and I rush to it I open the door he walks in normally straight from the gym I can still smell his manliness he looks at me and kisses his teeth and the role playing begins he demands I stay in female mode and not hint at my maleness or even sissy faggoty needs all women or nothing if I slip he leaves. This is why it only works on special days.

He studies me I curtsey and hind him my lead he laughs and says something derogatory normally something about white girls needed black cock I smile and he pulls my lead and I follow I walk like a cat walk model hips swaying back rod straight chin high eyes level

he sits on the sofa and I kneel between his legs I take out his cock and stare at it like it is magical and it is it makes me feel sooo femm I lick it and taste the saltyness of his work out a slight odor not unpleasant a smell of maleness I lick it harder he groans and then I go to work he calls me his pet his white fuck cunt, his slut he pulls at my hair he forces his cock into my throat and I choke he laughs and I feel womanly.

He is ready now he tenses and then holds my head down and pumps his first rope of cum into the back of my mouth almost into my throat I swallow and allow him to do as he wishes, I never know what he will do.

This time he pulls out of my mouth and shoots more cum onto my face then onto my hair he then pushes my mouth open and forces his cock back into my mouth I clean him and he laughs and gets he pulls me with him and enters the bathroom.

He showers quickly and then I dry him he laughs as I pay too much attention to his cock. He simply says piss and I know what to do he turns to face the loo and I lift the seat for him and hold his semi erect cock and aim it for him he laughs as he pisses and says white girls are nasty they will do anything for cock. He laughing means he does not hit the loo and some of his urine splashes on the edge of the toilet I feel it splashing on my stocking encased legs.

I lick his cock clean and he walks through my home naked like it is his towards my bedroom. I clean his piss and to my shame feel my sissy clit harden.

he calls me I rush to him and he tells me to kneel on the bed.

This is it this is what I wanted...

He pulls aside my panties hiding my balls and sissy clit he does not want to spoil the illusion he puts on a condom and then rams into me

my asspussy explodes outward taking in the massive intruder I yelp with pain and pleasure and feel my self open to him he then fucks me like an animal

he abuses me verbally and I scream back fuck me harder master

I then reach for my clit and start to pump it he is cuming and I am also we fall onto the bed and the spell is broken my clit my sissy faggot clit is on show he hates it he slaps me throws the now full condom at me and leaves my bedroom

I stand up my hole is battered I feel empty inside I need him but I broke the rules something inside tells me I wanted too I had his cock and now I wanted him to leave but still....

I make myself look like a girl again and find him almost fully dressed he tells me that I am a fag a white cum slut fag and I nod and say thank you I curtsey and he kisses his teeth at me and leaves.

These images are very close to how I feel about my Master

These captions that are from another site - sorry not sure where explain my female need

I adore this image this shows that we are different perhaps we can become main stream and men can choose between a girl or a tgirl a third way some day?

oh to feel so femm

How I want to be for him

or her

I guess I am a sub cum slut....

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