Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Short Story - Working Girl

James was terrible at school and his family were poor. His older sister had left home and run away to las vegas to seek her fortune. His dad had left while he was still young.

James and his mum did their best to make ends meet. James needed a job and his only hope was construction a simple laborers job. He applied to several building sites but was told that they did not need anyone and that he was too small and weak. One guy even said he looked like a girl and that if he was he would hire him on the spot. The man went on to mumble something about EU regulations and needing to up his quota of women on his work force.

James left in tears he was very femm and would often be mistaken from behind as a girl.
He got home and found his mum in tears

What's wrong he asked

His mum handed him a letter

Oh shit - the bank was on the verge of reposing the house.

Mum james said its ok I got a job today I can help.

His mum smiled and they hugged. James excused himself and said he needed an early night as he needed to be up very early.

That night he sneaked into his sisters old room and found some of her clothing.
1 pair of cotton ankle socks with a little pink bow
1 pair of matching cotton panties in white
1 sting vest
1 pair of green girls shorts
1 denim body warmer
1 thick pair of blue socks to wear with his working boots

and to his shock he found his sisters breast forms she was always sooo impatient to have bigger breasts so she had saved for months to buy the best b cub breast forms she could.

James woke very early and dressed he teased his hair into a femm style and added a tiny amount of makeup then he attached the breast forms and put on the string vest and shorts and then picked up his sisters ruksac and left for work.

He arrived at the site and spoke to same forman who just gave him the job.

He almost pulled James after him and introduced him to the rest of the team.

This gents is James spoke up in his best femm voice

Jamie he smiled and added hi guys.

The men just grunted back at him and he took a seat and waited for the days orders.

He was given a hard hat and told to start loading sand for the mixers. Around 10.30 the foreman called out to Jamie but he did not look up so the foreman walked over and gripped his arm and said again Jamie this time James was aware that the foreman was talking to him and that his name was supposed to be Jamie.

The foreman began to suspect and started to chat with James slowly but surely the forman realised what was going on and confronted James

James begged the forman not to let him go

The foremans faced darkened and a wry smile grew across it. Jamie smiled and looked as pleasant as he could the forman pulled james closer James mistook this for affection and smiled further

The forman whispered to Jamie do not break the act be a girl and you can stay I want you to be my site slut. He then order jamie to undo his shirt and the forman began to feel jamies little breast forms.

The forman licked and bit Jamies nipples. He snarled at Jamie and told him to moan and purr. Jamie did so he started to act like a whore on heat

The forman took of jamies hard hat and forced jamie down onto the his cock. Jamie started to lick the cock the mans sweat, piss and musty maleness made his cock stink.

Jamie could see the other men returning from their break and she was being pointed out and laughed at she knew the forman had him - Jamie started to think of himself as a girl it was the only way he could survive.

Now naked the forman pushed his cock deep into jamies ass pussy and fucked him

Jamie moaned and purred and begged the man to make her his.