Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I sooo want to be her

She cute, sexy adorable and has a head band. I love how she grips the bed sheets and just how divinely adorable she is.


  1. How about the way she backs up onto his hard cock - so hot!

  2. Oh Tabby! Stop already. Who do you think you're kidding? Your number one reason for wanting to be her is that nice big hard hot cock she gets to play with!

  3. I dream everyday of what it must feel like to get a beautiful cock like that deep inside me.

  4. Oh yes lately it is all I think about being a girl like her. Being able to open up my pussy to hard cocks like that and feel the pleasures of having multiple orgasms.

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  6. Look at all these comments.. look how innately we desire a male inside us, mating with us.

    My favourite is very near the beginning, when that gorgeous hunk leans over her, hugging her close to him before switching position slightly.