Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Short Story - Trans Air

Welcome to Trans Air sir

Can we get you a drink?

Bing Bong... This is the Captain speaking welcome aboard. Please allow me to introduce the two lovely tgirls who will make your flight as comfortable as possible. 

The bubbly blonde is Mimi - she is 28 and is 36c 24 34 5 foot 8 and is 8 inches uncut her balls are nice and heavy and gents may I suggest you try her asspussy it is the sweetest tight little hole this side of Japan I know....

Mimi Blushes as their passenger eyes her up and down...

and the dark haired raven is Colette she is a naughty french girl and is 34 she is a stunning six foot and is 34dd 23 32 and has the cutest 4 inch sissy clit I have ever seen. Boys if you want a wild one she your girl. 

Colette was prepping the table for lunch and the rather drunk and horny russian diplomat strated to stroke her ass. 

She turned and grabbed him by the tie and face and pouted at him 

Do you want me sir she sneered 

He just nodded 

Colette smiled and called to Mimi and told her to put on a show
Mimi started to dance around the passenger as Colette dis-robed him. 

Mimi was playing with her sissy clit and starting to rub the diplomats cock

having stripped him of all his clothing the girls get to work. 

Bing bong this is your pilot speaking we are now over Paris and on a clear day you can see the Eiffel Tower gleaming and erect over the city. 

The two girls giggled and blushed as they stroked the diplomats erect cock 
Mimi giggled as she held the fat balls in her hand 

Mimi sneered at Colette going bitch she taunted suck his cock her fingers flicked her sissy clit and she purred as she watched Colette suck in the full length of the russian passengers cock. 

the two girls fell to their knees and waited for their prize
the passenger groaned and mumbled something in russian and then let go a huge
load of cum the girls giggled and licked the cum and gently rubbed it into each others faces

They turned and kissed and then licked the Russians cocks clean.
The passenger sank back in his chair and closed his eyes for a quick nap.

The giggling girls left him sleeping returned to their hand bags and took out their diaries 
Mimi giggling said oh Colette your such a slut you are 5 nationalities in front of me. 

Colette smiled and said as she ticked the box labelled Russian 
Mimi darling you just got to fly more...


  1. I think I need to fly more - on TransAir!

  2. Tabby, I am adickted to your page, I love eveything you do babes xxx