Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Summer hols part 2

Just to quickly recap:

Sir I...

Tabby tell me and make sure you are honest...

I start to cry...

Sir there are several and they change sir

tell me them all NOW

Yes sir....

Sir pls...




He put the phone down and I cried myself to sleep....

The next day I sat by the phone hoping pleading with it to ring... Minutes turned to hours... Still nothing. I had a lot of time to think during that day. I have come to terms with some of my own issues and expectations.

I always expect the best in people and I know this is a mixture of stupidity, naivety and a desperate need to be liked.

Knowing these things and adding these things to my chosen lifestyle I find myself constantly in an internal battle.

I have done some things just to please someone so they could be my friend which I am so ashamed of yet desire more of the same.

Finally I called I could not wait any longer. I called him and begged his forgiveness he listened patiently as I blurted out my pathetic words, begging, pleading him to let me continue.
I finally ran out of steam and he then spoke quietly...

He started to tell me that he (I have skirted over the details to protect their identity. They have given me permission to tell the story but not to reveal who they are.) was something big in banking and his wife well she liked to shop and make his life hell. They lived in St Albans but he had a luxury apartment in town for working late.

I was shocked he was a master how can his wife make his life hell???? In my inquisitive way I asked him this question

He laughed and replied that my naivety and lack of understanding was 'cute'

Well time whizzed past and over the coming weeks I continued to chat to both my master and mistress. To my utter shame their games become everything I ignored all other inputs I was totally theirs and needed to prove to them that I was and that I could be what they wanted.

They would set me tasks and laugh at my eagerness to comply. In some respects this makes me more womanly than most women. My desire to please is almost so over whelming and the need to be liked makes me very vulnerable I know this and yet I keep failing into the same trap.

My training started gently!
My Mistress would call me and chat to me she would tell me about our wonderful shopping trips she asked me to send her a picture I had taken just for her and express in detail what I was wearing while explaining who this wonderful girl was.

She asked me to send the picture through then call her and describe myself and explore my femmy-ness as she called it.

They had me on a very strict diet - I was to eat 2 small pieces of fruit in the morning and a small salad with no dressing for lunch. 10 glasses of water through out the day and nothing else. If I was weak she would allow me a rice biscuit. I was not exactly large (size 10 - 12) but within a few weeks I was thinner an 8 - 10.

I was made to do yoga (something I do lots of anyway) and was sent videos of girls walking so that I could match them.

Mistress told me she was ready for the picture of the new Tabby - It took me three days to get an image I was happy with.

As promised I called my Mistress and described what I was wearing, my feelings and my needs.

Good Morning Tabby
Good morning Mistress

Oh Tabby your picture is wonderful your sooo cute.
Giggle thank you Miss as you have asked of me Mistress. I am totally smooth. I have used a plain unscented cream all over to keep my skin soft.

I am wearing a pair of black lace Hanky Panky Lace Thong. I adore the way it sits on my hips and how the string splits my asspussy I love the feeling a thong gives me it makes me feel dirty. The lace is soo girly and the front allows me to hide my sissy clit. (not that I have much to hide)

To make sure I have shape I then selected a Yummie Tummie Rhianna Control Corset. I love how it shapes me and holds me tight.

I love earings Miss I know big hoops are slutty but I adore them and my absolute faves are these - they are beaded hoop earrings by Juicy. The shoes (I adore heels) are from Ted Baker a 4 and half inch heel with a black rose and gold interior in a 7 which I adore.

The dress was a real issue as I wanted to wear this dress (see below) but just could not get it to look well look femm enough Miss. So I potted for the dress you can see in the image. I purchased the dress from Asos and I think it works well on my shape.

Good girl Tabby. Are you keeping to your diet?
Yes Miss.

Good Girl. Now call me again in one week. We can then begin your training fully. Oh and my husband will be calling you tomorrow at 9pm do be a good girl and try to please him.

Yes Miss I will do my best. Please tell my Master I will please him.

She then hung up and true to her word my inbox had a link to a download file.

There were also a number of images which all had a simple task assigned to them.

This image simply said enjoy - I printed it out and would play with my clit until utter pleasure would wash over me.

Part 3 coming soon

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