Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Short Story - Time to grow up

Yes I was stunning, I could pass in most situations and I knew it.

It really annoyed my Tgirlfriends and genetic girlfriends I used to tease them all about how sexy and girlie I was.

I would tease guys and dress up looking ever so - well you know giggle. One evening I was out with some friends and as always I was perfect dressed in the most perfect black cotton thong and matching padded bra to give that little bit extra up top.

My cute little wool pleated skirt and the most cute tight little wool cardigan top. To finish of the look I wore my big glasses and my black flat shoes.

I was easily the best looking girl in the bar we chatted and I flirted finally the girls were sick of my vanilla behaviour.

Steph almost pulled my hair and arm as she dragged me into the ladies. NOW TABBY she almost snarled we are all a little bit bored of this bad girl - good girl act. NOW GROW UP AND GO GET FUCKED.

I blushed and giggle nervously...but....but...

WHAT she spat back

I am well I don't know what to do.

Steph calmed down and smiled

hun look at you

she stepped to the side and we both stared at my reflection

hun you have nothing to worry about....

We left the bathroom and headed back to our group. Shortly after we got back a rather large powerful looking guy strolled up to our group.

Hey he said to me

Hey I smiled back

how about a drink with me

I smiled and nodded he held out his hand and I took it

We drank a few and then he whispered into my ear hun lets go back to mine I wanna fuck you I could feel him lusting after me and this got me hot I oozed sex

We arrived at his home and I stood by his desk in his den smiling and laughing at his jokes.

He sat down on the couch and took out his cock and stroked it

I blushed and licked my lips

He laughed and worked his cock faster and growled does my little cunt like this

I nodded pursed my lips and started to take off my cardigan

I turned my back to him and slid off my skirt I felt amazing so girly so alive so fucking hot

He groaned and said that he was going to fuck me silly

I whispered please sir...

I slid off my bra and held my breasts and pinched my nipples.

I looked deep into his eyes and whispered sir, fuck me make me yours make me a women

He stood up and pulled at my thong and pushed me onto the desk I lifted my knee and placed it onto the desk widened my stance to show my willingness and pushed my pert sissy faggot ass high into the air.

I felt his hot fat cock head push into my ass cheek and then his hard hot hands clasp me around the waist.

He held me in place and then with one swift jerk of his hips impaled me I squealed a little and gasped as he slid into me.

I expected pain but nothing but pleasure washed over me. My eyes rolled back as he held my balls tightly and squeezed hard at the same time he pounded into me

I gripped the desk and let out a guttural moan and started to cum not like a man but like a girl my sissy clit was still soft and yet somehow I was cuming more like taking a weak slow pee and then he hit my g spot and I screamed and passed out.


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