Tuesday, 7 September 2010

More on Fairy Tales

I had several emails regarding my fairy tale post. 80% of the emails wanted a tgirl fairy tale. They were asking me to produce a story:

Some mentioned Traps - For those that are unsure a trap is a girl that looks, sounds acts like a girl but has a cock. My mind raced a school girl trap eager to suck on mens cocks and control them once she has swallowed their sperm. That would make a yummy story. My mind raced on

Girls what is it about us why do we crave normality, obscurity and womenhood. Is not being a trap, a tgirl far more interesting far more sensual far more femm.

Why does every tgirl want to be her.

or her

Why do we long to be a sensual brunette or a sexy bubbly blonde. Why do I want it Blushing with anger, tears I get sooo mad at myself.

I would do anything to be this girl or someone like her I soooo need this but also want to be me a tgirl. Do I have the right to want both. Is there a fairy tale for us?

Will my prince charming kiss me and wake me from my sleep.

Perhaps the ultimate fairy tale for a tgirl is to become a maid

Or a PA /Secretary - I would love to be a fuck toy for my boss. I adore dressing in that formal way, wearing glasses being a total slut.

Being a toy to his wife

blushing being fucked by the office. Being the office pet

Perhaps that is our ultimate fairy tale...

Become a femm
Get a job as a PA
Fall in love with the boss
Become his mistress
be invited to his home and become his wife's pet
Live with them as their toy...

Why does that turn me on - blushing like mad giggle...


  1. Re: a trap tale about being both could be Dr Jaqueline and Mistress Hyde... ;)

  2. I don't know if I could be number 1 or not. I'd find myself so hot my panties would be drenched 24/7. What guy could be worthy? So I'd stay home, play with my tits and masturbate all day. Kinda like I do now.

    The difference between dreamers and doers I guess. Doers hope for little realistic improvements that'll let them lead a better life.

    Dreamers are only that. I didn't try when I might have had a chance in my late teens, now there's no way I'm passing, at least not with any genuine interaction. So if it's all just a wish, dream big.