Tuesday, 21 September 2010

some thoughts and ideas

I have posed this image before. I love it I soo wish to be her. She has totally given herself to him and the only thing missing is her cat tail.

I adore this idea I would love to have sexy tgirls and genetic girls around my home like ornaments I could use them at any time. Imaging the humiliation being treated like a side table does this make you more femm?

Is this the most perfect women ever?
I adore her face her hair, Her body is amazing her breasts are almost perfect her thin body is divine leading into her curvy hips and amazing legs - the under wear highlighting all these areas the thick band of those perfect thongs make me feel all giddy.

come to be eyes - with a skirt garter belt - I love love love this outfit.

Fear makes things much more intense - do you ladies agree?

Oh my I wish I was at this school

what a lovely little pony

I adore this image she is in control and the her slave is sooo much in need

A friend made a comment about cat walk models she said they all look like femm tall thin boys - this made me think most guys in fashion are gay perhaps that is why they prefer stick women to curvy ones?

Waiting for master - honestly darling which one would you be the maid or the master?


  1. At this point I think I'd be content as the dog!

  2. I find it interesting how many different female roles you can envision yourself in. I would personally love to see myself as number three but momentarily only manage number five.
    Tabby, is it possible to contact you by e-mail? I have something I would like to ask you.


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