Sunday, 7 November 2010

Short Story - Gavin meets Bob

Gavin loved to dress in his twin sisters clothes. He would sneak into her room and giggle as he did his upmost to dress and look like his sister.

He had even grown his hair long so that he could style it just like his sister Kate's hair.

Saturday afternoons were the best his parents would be out at friends, his sister was at yoga classes and Gavin well he would turn into Stacy. He would giggle, dance and pose just like his sister.

Gavin loved t be as girly as possible and posing in his sisters full length mirror made him feel divine

He loved to lie on his sisters bed and pretend to be all girlie and read her magazines.
His sisters boyfriend Bob would sneak into the house and on several occasions would spend the night. He loved to sneak in and surprise Kate. On very rare occasions he would sneak in before she got back from yoga and lie in her bed naked ready to fuck Kate.

Bob sneaked into Kate's room and was surprised to see kate lying on the bed reading her music playing so he sneaked up on her...

and grabbed her ass. Gavin gasped in shock. Bob still unaware that he had just grabbed the male twin stood back up and unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock

He just said to suck it bitch...

Gavin sat on the bed in shock

Bob looked at his girlfriend unaware and repeated suck my cock Kate... as he spoke the words realisation dawned on him nervously and slowly he said

The girl sitting on the bed just nodded....

Again Bob slowly said is ... that... you...

Again the girl sitting on the bed nodded

Bob still holding his cock and stroking it said fuck me your amazing so much more pert, cute and girly than Kate.

Gavin smiled and giggled

Bob said why are you dressed like that

Gavin smiled and lowered her gaze well I love to dress and feel girly... I love to be called Stacy and well I just need to feel like a girl....

Bob smiled at the girl sitting on the bed

He stepped forward and pulled the girls top off and then said wow your so girly stacy now FUCKING SUCK MY COCK BITCH

Gavin did not need to be told twice he started licking Bob's cock like it was an ice cream

Bob started to moan

Gavin felt like a princess, a cute girly princess but ever so naughty and somehow that made it feel so right.

Bob was now naked and Stacy worked his cock like a whore
Bob would moan and she would do more of the same
Bob started to face fuck Gavin as he moaned out her name

ohhh Stacy your so fucking good you make me so horny

Gavins cock twitched and he felt himself get a little wet down there

Bob's commentary was making him so horny

Gavin licked his lips put on the most sultry look he could and whispered fuck me please

Bob ripped of Gavin's panties and pushed her onto the bed He was grunting now like a wild dog
Gavin never felt more alive the anticipation was electric it made his senses tingle. Each time Bob's body come in contact with his own it sent feminine shudders through him.

Gavin lay on the bed and could feel Bob's touches he could feel Bob's fat rough fingers pushing at his hole he opened his eyes and smiled at the contrast of his painted nails on his hand he gripped his sisters pink pillow and let out a low and sensual moan as the head of Bob's cock pushed at his tight opening.

Gavin squealed like a girl and bit her finger.

Bob laughed and plunged into Gavin's hole he roared as he split gavin apart - YOU FUCKING WANNA BE A GIRL WELL YOU FUCKING GONNA LEARN WHAT IT MEAN YOU FUCKING FAG NOW TAKE MY COCK YOU FUCKING BITCH

Gavin purred in pleasure and pain and lifted his ass up Bob laughed and started to fuck the girl laying on the bed.

He smacked the ass and laughed


Bob let out a laugh and leaned into Gavin's ear and whispered Stacy hun would you like me to tell your slutty sister to teach you to be better in bed...

All the time Bob was thrusting into Gavin. Gavin's mind was full of pain and pleasure little sherbet bombs were exploding in his mind he was being fucked like a girl and then pain he would scrunch up his face and then just as soon as the pain flooded in pleasure would replace it.

Gavin bit his lip and whispered back yes please Bob


yes please tell my sister to teach me to be a fucking whore

Bob pulled out of the tight hole causing Gavin to gasp

Bob pulled Gavin to his knees and without warning shot his load into the new girls face

Gavin reaction was eeeeeuuuwwwwwww

Bob laughed out loud and wiped the cum off his cock and onto Gavin's face

He stood up and laughed again

Now you know you fucking bitch what it means to be a girl

Gavin wiped the cum from his mouth and tried to swallow it

Wow thought Gavin I wonder why girls like this stuff. He giggled and licked his finger clean and watched as Bob's massive frame walked into the adjoining bathroom and closed the door.

Sitting on his sisters bed looking like a cute schoolgirl covered in cum Gavin felt his asspussy yearn for more cock he quickly licked up the remaining cum and walked into the bathroom doing his best impression of his sisters walk and his slutty come to bed eyes.

Bob smiled.....


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