Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Question - what is your perfect day as a women?

My sister and I spoke for about an hour last night and she asked me what a perfect day would be for me. I immediately responded to shop, dance then fuck the night away.  She laughed, I giggled then blushed a little.... Ok a lot. 

It takes a lot of courage to admit to your sister you want to be a women and you want to be used by men.
We chatted a while longer - family, life, money all the usual subjects. 

I had a simple night that night and after a glass of wine too many started to think about her question. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the embarrassment but my mind started to wander...

A perfect day sort of a poem (oh my is that just too girly?).....

Well I am alone, it is rainy outside and cold. My flat is warm and I have just woken up. 
I like to sleep in a thong and nothing else. I leave the warmth and comfort of my bed and slip on my thigh high socks and tight little cropped wool cardigan and giggle a little as my nipples are teased erect by the fabric of my cardigan. 

I pause and stretch and then make a coffee. Standing by the window I sip my drink from an oversized mug.

I pause to think my mind totally blank - I love the sound of the rain 

I pull back my hair and try to sense my body, I shift my weight my womanly hip pushes outward as I place all my weight on one leg. The soft wool encasing my legs feels divine. The cropped cardigan feels like silk and my tiny pert breasts are happily trapped in the wool embrace.

The thong feels tight and comforting I love crossing my legs the pressure from my thighs causes the fabric to rub my clit. I giggle a little blush and then let out a purrr.

I feel horny, sensual and naughty all at the same time. I love the feelings across my body. My hair tickling me, the way my body moves and changes shape as I stand or sit, I love the way my breasts bounce I feel alive sooo full of sensations. 

I need release......


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