Monday, 15 November 2010

Weekend Image Overload

I adore this lady - I wish I had her poise, grace and elegance.  

I love her hair and adore her dress. 

Stunning - just look at those lips girls. 

I wonder what she is thinking. Please ladies do not laugh at me but I do try to emulate her pout. 

Love that man thing with the tweed giggle. 

Could this girl be any better Keira you are a tgirls dream girl. 


Relaxed look stunning as always

Why does this make me feel soooo hot? 

I love her look. She looks so strong so confidant with a body like that you can understand why.
Girls I think this should be another look we try to perfect. Sooo sultry. 

Which girl here would not love to be a bride? Do I need to explain - giggle (blushing)

Blonde, thin, tall, fashionable, sexy and what a strut giggle why does femm clothing look so sexy. Even when its winter clothing? I wonder how many Cross Dressers would not cross dress if male attire looked like this or looked as good as this?

Giggle Maids every tgirls dream. 

As is being the other women. How many of you have stayed in hotels and dressed like this and pretended to be the other women?

Cute-ness made flesh giggle I adore ribbons and 

I adore fakes especially when they are so well done. I really want to know honestly from straight women and men is this sexy?

I love the eyes rolled back and totally sub she is his pet - why do I find this so sexual so exciting?

The other women she teases him he wants her desires her but is caught between his needs and his love.

She lives for the night forever leaving and entering hotels in perpetual state of undress 

Being everything he wants you to be. Just so that you can be his for the evening


I would love to be her girlfriend 

Why does this make me horny - blushing like mad now why do I want to be her collared and on my knees?


Yes please

I am more and more convinced in several years tgirls will be the norm and most guys will have tried it as well as girls. 

So cute

So naughty giggle

So sexy 

So dreamy

Is this real - I don't care it is sooo yummy

Even our heroines are at it 

You can hear her softly speaking to her telling her all will be well just do as I say....

purrrr giggle

I love to dress up and as a boy loved comics so is this a manifestation of both needs?

My fave cartoon giggle is kim possible glad to see she is growing up giggle. 

I love to dress up and adore girls that let it all out and enjoy their bodies their sexuality and their 

utter perfection

Miss Emma Watson you are sooo naughty. Giggle the darling of the moment with a little cum on her. 

Many Lea's giggle - Boys calm down giggle

More Kim

I now this is on a lot of tgirls minds but i find it wrong am I mad? I just think it should be the other way and a girl should be sucking on her cock? 

Oops Miss Natalie Portman has a secret


Is she upset

So cute

So tasty

It hurst real good - so blushing 

So yummy

Just soo pert


  1. The blonde with the blue ankle boots is very sexy.

  2. Love the superhero costumes! I'd love to dress up as them.

  3. Redhead on red chair or the one with the tartan skirt - love to be either.

  4. the Just soo pert is so very hot 'n' sexy

  5. "So yummy" honey buns looks so good to eat