Thursday, 11 November 2010

Images I adore and why

I was asked by Rick to post some images and explain why I like them - he wanted to help me select them. I have a feeling he wants to see how far he can push me based on my fantasies - what fun giggle

I love images like this - I imagine myself being her feeling her pain and excitement - what must it be like to be sooo full that it makes you scream out in pain and pleasure I want that fat veiny cock in me I want to purr like a kitten with all the milk I want to push back onto a hard fat fucking cock. 

What is she thinking - what is she looking at I get sooo turned on by the idea of losing control and humiliation 

Oh girls to have two holes to be fucked and fucked again the lucky bitch 

I adore this image I love his hand on the back of her head I love that he is telling the younger sister to eat out the older sister ooohh my I am getting a little flustered giggle. 

I defy anyone not to find this sexy.

Fill me make me screw up my eyes in pain make me bite my bottom lip 

Let me dress for you 


  1. Such a wonderful selection Tabby
    i can only say yes, YES!, yes yes, yes and yyesss...

  2. Really nice pictures. I really enjoy the first one. Your words were taken right out of my mind. I too imagine what you imagine when I see pictures like that. On another note. How do you put the social buttons at the bottom of your posts? The gmail, facebook, etc? I would like to do the same on my blog on

  3. Ohhh! That 1st picture sure brings back some memories. I once had a man that size so I can relate to what she's feeling. However, after that night I couldn't sit down for a week! I almost had to wear a maxi pad. It's nice to fantasize with but I prefer them a little more on the average size.