Monday, 17 January 2011

Short Story - Her Husbands Pet

You stand still as a stunning middle eastern women slips her hand into your silk blouse and rolls your nipple between her fingers she leans in to smell your hair and to listen for any reaction - you let out a small moan. 

The women smiles as you blush

She slides her hand out slowly letting go of your now erect nipple 
She laughs and turns on her impossibly high heels and struts over to the Head Mistress

You hear the Head tell the middle eastern women that you qualified top of your class and as a plaything for the elite you are first class. 

You can hear them discussing how much you will cost....

Your mind wanders back to the day you woke up to find your wife had come home early from her girly weekend to find you in her stunning lace body. 

That night she drugged you and sold you to the school. It has taken the school 3 years to take you from being a cute and passable cross dresser to a stunning tgirl and you can not help but adore the feeling your new body gives you. 

You arrive at the home of your new owners and are quickly undressed and then dressed as a human present you are then presented to a middle eastern man as a gift from his wife.

You blush as he walks around you. He starts to roll your nipple between his fingers and you let out a little moan.....

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